I have currently reviewed toys made of the following materials. I have material tags on my posts, so you can view all toys made of a specific material by clicking through. This page also provides a little information on each material!



Silicone is my first choice material for insertable toys! It’s a body safe, non porous material that can come in different firmnesses. Silicone toys play best with water based lubes. If you’re using a condom with a silicone toy, be careful, as many lubed condoms have silicone lube.

One of my favourite types of silicone toys are dual density toys. These have a firm core of silicone, surrounded by a softer layer. You can view all dual density toys here


ABS Plastic

Hard ABS plastic is another of my favourite materials, and is a pretty common material. Hard plastic toys are non-toxic and non-porous, and can be used with any type of lube. A lot of bullet vibrators are made from ABS Plastic.



While not toxic, TPE/TPR are porous materials. While I’d steer clear of using insertable toys made of TPE/TPR, sleeve toys made of this material are safe for use. If you’re using a TPE/TPR toy that isn’t single use, make sure to wash it correctly and keep an eye out for material weathering. Tenga Eggs, Fleshlights, and the Buck Off are all made of TPE/TPR material.



Glass toys are a lot harder than some other materials, and can be super fun for temperature play. Glass toys are super smooth, and can be used with all lubes. Don’t worry about glass toys breaking inside of you- well made glass toys won’t shatter. However, you should regularly check for chips and dents in your glass toys.


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel has a lot of similar qualities to glass. It’s smooth, can be used with all lubes, and can be fun for temperature play. It’s also very heavy.