Review: Satisfyer Pro 2

Let’s get That Bit out of the way first. Yes, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a copy of the Womanizer. Yes, I do have moral issues with this.

However, The Satisfyer Pro 2 is cheaper and waterproof, and most importantly I’m not letting anything called ‘The Womanizer’ within 15 feet of my very dysphoric genitals. If the name doesn’t trigger dysphoria for you, that’s valid and I’d suggest you check out reviews on Emmeline Peaches, Toy Meets Girl, or Miss Ruby Reviews. But personally, a toy called The Womanizer could be the best sex toy ever made and I’d still not touch it.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 (which has a name autocorrect hates) has an easily removable silicone nozzle, with the body being made of a sort of rose gold ABS plastic, and the name of the toy written in cursive on the body. It has 11 different intensities, is fully submergible, and charges with a USB magnetic clip charger. Being fully submergible, and with the silicone head being removable, it’s very easy to clean.


Essentially, what the Satisfyer does is create a suction-like feeling (although notably not true suction) around the dick/clit using pulsating air. There is some feeling of suction, but for the most part it isn’t actual suction. From what I’ve heard the idea behind this was to mimic oral sex, but I really don’t think it’s comparable.

I was honestly pretty concerned that my dick wouldn’t fit into the nozzle of the Satisfyer when I first got it. I’m used to clitoral toys having been designed with the intention of the whole clitoris (including the hood) fitting into it. While my dick hasn’t grown that much on T, it’s pretty rare I can fit my whole cock (including the hood) into a toy. I could manage it in the Satisfyer just about.

In terms of sensation, it doesn’t really feel like suction. On higher intensities I can start to feel the suction, but for the most part this is limited to mild tugging sensations, usually drowned out by the sort of tapping sensation it gives. It’s not what I expected from this toy but, uh, I love it. I really, really love it. I’ve been using the updated model, so the first few of the 11 settings are pretty gentle. While I could get off on them if i was willing to wait, in practise I normally switch to the mid level intensities.

In practise I’ve been using the Satisfyer for three things- quick wanks where I want to get off as quickly and with as little fuss as possible, in combination with anal play as foreplay for vaginal sex, and in the context of being dominated. I’ve seen some other reviewers mention that using it makes them feel disembodied from their orgasms- they don’t have orgasms, they are given them. While I didn’t find this to be the case for solo play, it did make the Satisfyer really fun to play with in a dom/sub scene. As a bonus, it’s pretty damn silent once in place. That does not apply to when it is not pressed down against my genitals though, so probably not one if you need a deadly silent wank.

The orgasms are good. Really good. They’re intense and make my legs shake like a leaf, but genuinely feel good rather than simply powerful. The Satisfyer is really suited to quick wanks in that it can make me cum in about two minutes- although a four minute amble is preferable.

The Satisfyer did come with the suggestion that using it in the bath makes the sensation more intense. While I don’t think I needed more intensity, I tried it out in the bath anyway and wow. It was an experience, and while I absolutely needed to keep it on the lowest setting, I would recommend at least trying your Satisfyer out submerged.

Dicks and clits do come with different tastes, however. While I personally am a huge fan of intense pinpoint sensation, those who prefer broader and softer sensations might want to look elsewhere. While the first few settings are pretty mild, the higher end sensations can get pretty intense. I’m a power king for sure, but I still couldn’t handle the last few settings.


There is one huge design flaw in the Satisfyer, and it’s one that genuinely pisses me off. There is no way to turn intensity back down, aside from turning the toy off and starting again from the first intensity. I can’t think of a single logical reason for this and I think it’s a genuinely fucking stupid thing to do. The shape is a bit odd- it sort of reminds me of an ear thermometer- and some might find that a turn off.

In general, I’d recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2 to people who like intense pinpoint sensation on their dick/clit and okay with the possible copyright issues, or simply do not want to use a toy called the Womanizer. It’s really not a toy for those who like broader stimulation, however. I, personally, really like the Satisfyer to the point where it’s absolutely made it onto my desert island toy list.

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review.


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