Review: Labiova Majora

The Labiova Majora from Xenova Synthesis (formerly Slick’s Dicks) is a silicone egg inspired by H.R. Giger’s work. It’s 3″ tall, 2″ across, and has a penetratable cavity that has a depth of 1.25 inches, with a diameter of 10mm. The Labiova comes in various softnesses, and at the time of purchase, was available in pastel, metallic, or plant inspired colours. I ordered two Labiovas- one in a metallic green and Super-Soft, and a metallic purple in Ultra-Soft. Both came with tiny (and adorable!) matching alien squishies.

The green Labiova and a matching squishy alien

Xenova Synthesis suggests several uses for the Labiova, including as a massager and a yoni egg. I have not used it for kegel or pelvic floor exercises, so am reviewing based on my experiences using it as a massager/penetratable toy.

I love the form of the Labiova. The ridges on the outside are excellent for frottage, as is the ‘dip’ at the bottom of the labia themselves. While the labia’s ridges aren’t as good for frottage, I really like the detail of them, especially the small clitoris. I found that the super-soft was better for frottage- while it was workable with the ultra-soft, the less firm material meant it was harder to get off with. I am intrigued by how the Xenova would feel for frottage, as it doesn’t have a cavity, but instead is textured all around.

The Labiova has a closed end, and the texture of the ‘lips’ does not continue far into the toy. The cavity itself is smooth.That’s fine though, because the suction is what I enjoy on this toy. The mouth of the cavity is wide enough for me to fit all of my dick in it, not just the head, and this means I also enjoy the suction more than on toys with smaller cavities. The suction is pretty strong, and with lube, I think having a smooth cavity works in the Labiova’s favour- the smooth, soft, wet suction is fantastic.

The Labiova can be used in this way for nipple play, and I did attempt to try this out, but I did not enjoy it due to chest dysphoria. I did find the ultra-soft to be better for penetration, but the advantage it has over the very soft as a penetratable is less than the advantage the super-soft has over the ultra-soft in terms of frottage. If you’re interested in the Labiova for both these purposes, I’d suggest getting the super-soft over the ultra-soft.

I don’t know if it was intentional when the toy was designed, but the texture on the body of the Labiova – in combination with the thin bottom- makes it far easier to handle when penetrating it. It fits into my hand really well, and placing my hand to make it easy to squeeze- applying suction in different ways as a result- is super comfortable. It’s one of the most ergonomic penetratables I’ve used.

Left: Metallic Green, super soft Right: Metallic Purple, ultra soft

The Labiova can be used with a cis male penis, and a post-phalloplasty penis too. It fits snugly over the head, and does sometimes slip off, but this is the nature of using a toy not intended for standard issue male anatomy. The feedback I got from my testers- who tried both eggs, and who both preferred the ultra-soft- was that using the toy felt pretty identical to a person sucking on their dick, and knowing that actually makes me like the Labiova more- knowing the sensation is similar to a cis or post-phallo man being sucked means it helps me feel less dysphoric when using it.

Overall, I love the Labiova Majora, and it’s currently one of my top 5 toys, and my favourite penetratable toy. I love the design, and have found the Labiova very well suited to my anatomy. However, every person’s anatomy is different. I have no idea what the experience of AFAB dyadic people who have not taken testosterone would be, as this has caused notable growth in my anatomy. I also have no idea what using the Labiova for exercising muscles is like, or when the next batch of them will be uploaded. But if you’re looking for a toy you can use for frottage or penetration (and especially in the case of AFAB people who’ve taken T in this second one), I’d recommend keeping your eyes peeled.

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. No affiliate links were used in this post

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