Review: Mr. Fenis STP

My most memorable experience of an STP before buying the Mr. Fenis involved a bright pink She-Wee and a very confused teenage me in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest. It wasn’t a good experience.

mr fenis1

I’ve used a few modified packer STPs but generally haven’t really thought about STP devices much since that incident, until I bought myself the Mr Fenis.

The Mr Fenis (which is short for ‘funnel penis’, not ‘female penis’ as I first thought) is one of the more common STP devices I’ve heard of in the trans man communities I’m part of. It’s 7.75 inches long in total (although note this includes the cup, and not just the shaft), with a shaft circumference of 4.33 inches. It comes in three standard skin-tone like colours (called Beige, and unfortunately, also Vanilla and Caramel(1)), with a fourth, darker colour available via special order. It’s made from soft, hypoallergenic silicone, and unlike its namesake the Fenis (which comes in non-skin tone colours) has a defined glans. It can be purchased in various shops, but I got mine from Uberkinky for £24.99.

I’ve never really cared about STP devices before. Having to use the stall to pee wasn’t something I knew I had any kind of distress about (dysphoria related or otherwise), but I still wanted to try out using an STP, partly because I wanted to know what it felt like in general, and partly because I wanted to know if STP functionality was something worth shelling out for when buying a higher end prosthetic.

Turns out, sitting to pee was one of those things I didn’t know I had dysphoria about until that dysphoria was gone. And holy fucking shit, I’ve been missing out all these years. Standing up to pee is so good.

The cup is very wide, and therefore super easy to line up. I have had some trouble wiggling my packer out the way so that I can pee through it while keeping up clothes on. I did have some trouble aiming at first, because the Mr Fenis’ shaft is a straight line. However, bending it downwards-making peeing into the toilet and not on the seat much easier- is pretty easy.


I will say that if you’re new to using an STP, test it out by trying it in the shower first. For the first few times you use the Mr Fenis, before you’ve figured out placement and how to hold it, you will pee on yourself. Get some practise in before you try peeing into the loo, and then more practise still before you try using it in public. A tip I have is to ‘scrape’ the tip of the cup against your anatomy once you’ve finished peeing, in order to get the last drops off your body.

Once you’re confident using it, I feel like the Mr Fenis could pass the urinal test. That is, if you used this at a urinal, and the guy next to you got a glimpse of it by accident, he wouldn’t think anything was up. A longer glance would make it obvious the STP is just that, but most men don’t tend to look at each others dicks when they use a urinal. And my experiences in cruising places and sites where they do is that the cis men there don’t particularly care if you are a trans guy or not.

Of course, this only applies if the STP you’re using matches your actual skintone- I didn’t have an opportunity to test the urinal suitability of the Mr Fenis because mine is a huge mismatch to my skin tone. In hindsight, this is something I wish I hadn’t done, but the darker skin tone mismatches my skin to such a dramatic extent that it’s not possible. For now though, I’m content using it to pee in the stalls and at home.

The squishiness of the Mr Fenis makes it very easy to fold up after use. When In public, I either try to covertly wash it in the basin when I wash my hands, or fold it up and put it into a baggy for cleaning later. It can be cleaned with just soap and water or with a toy cleaner, although because it’s something you pee through, I’d recommend sterilising it through boiling if you’re using it pretty regularly.

The Mr Fenis is suitable for piss play- while I’m not into this, I have used it in a scene with a partner who is into it. Because of my not-being-into-it I don’t really have much to say other than yes, you can do the thing. It works.

One downside of the Mr Fenis STP is that it’s not suitable for packing. You could maybe fit it into the packer pouch of some packing underwear, but the bulge it’d make would be not phallic at all, so I have no idea why you’d do that. But the reasons for this are what make it really easy to use as an STP- it’s thin, it’s easy to fold, it’s just at the right mix of realism and non-realism to make it a non-intimidating, affordable, easily accessible first STP.

Overall, if you want to see if STP devices are for you, or if you don’t care about having an STP that you can pack with, I’d recommend the Mr Fenis STP. It’s realistic enough to be used in public loos, you can contact the manufacturer if realistic skin-tone colours turn you off the product, it’s body safe, well fitting to the body, and it’s super affordable. Just please, remember to practise before you take it out into public. Practise a lot.

(1) Can we collectively agree food based skin tone names are bad?

(2) Actually this makes me feel less weird and paranoid about fixing it into place while others can view me, so stall experiences are good

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links were used in this post


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