Review: Fun Factory Stronic Eins and Zwei

The Fun Factor Stronics aren’t vibrators, but instead simulate thrusting through weight movement inside the toy. They come in three models, imaginatively called the Eins, the Zwei, and the Drei. I don’t currently own the Drei (which is available from Lovehoney or Uberkinky for £139.99) but I do own the Eins and Zwei. The Zwei has been, to my knowledge, discontinued, but the Eins is available from Lovehoney or Uberkinky for £139.99.

4.5” of the Eins is insertable, and the diameter of this ranges from 1.4” to 1.6”. It’s made of silicone, with an ABS plastic handle, and uses a magnetic charge cable, making it fully submersible. The toy is turned on by pressing a big red ‘Fun’ button, and while I know this is due more to the branding than any decisions in designing the Eins specifically, it’s still fun. The Eins is not anal safe, and is purely suitable for front hole penetration. I do personally like having the flexibility of having anal safe toys, so I’ve since bought the Stronic Zwei.


The Zwei is intended for anal play. Not beginner’s anal play- this thing is, uh, big. It has a 1.7 inch diameter at the widest, with an insertable length of around 4.5″. It can be used for front hole penetration as well, and the features that make it great for prostate stimulation can also make it great for g-spot stimulation (or in my case, prostate stimulation through my cunt).

The idea of the Stronic line is to create toys that mimic the feel of thrusting. And they actually do this remarkably well. It doesn’t feel like I’m being thrust into by an actual person, but it feels like thrusting nevertheless. It’s not shallow thrusts either- they’re weighty. If somebody actually fucked me like these fuck me, I’d be miffed, but as toys I’m impressed by how they feels. It lines up pretty well with my experience of fucking machines, so if that’s something that interests you but you don’t have the money for, a Stronic might be a way to try out the sensation before committing.

Both the Eins and Zwei have a bunch of modes, sorted into ‘algorithmic’, ‘constant’, and ‘dynamic’. A few months into owning this thing and I still can’t remember what order they go in, so I have to have the manual close enough to grab most of the time. I don’t think anyone asked for or wanted some of these modes, and some of the names are sort of ridiculous (‘Roller ball’).

With the Eins I assume the bump on the otherwise straight shaft is intended for clitorial/cock stimulation when the toy is penetrating the front hole, but this didn’t work for me and I didn’t really get anything out of it. I did manage to get a little bit of prostate stimulation through penetration, but for the most part the thrusting was the most enjoyable thing about it. I did, however, stumble on a way to use it that really works for me- stimulating both my cock and perineum. I tried this in two ways- the first using the tip of the Eins on my cock, and then the tip on my perineum and the bump on my cock. The tip of the Eins was far too soft and easily squishable for me to get off with it on my cock, so the alternate positioning was the best.


If there was anything I really, really don’t like about the Eins it’s the silicone texture. It’s too rough and grainy, and I need a ton of lube to make it workable. And it picks up lint like a motherfucker. Other than that my only complaint is the lack of colour options, and the fact the only two available colours are pink and purple. Wouldn’t hurt to throw in an orange or something.

The Zwei does not have the same issues with silicone texture- it has a far softer and smoother silicone. I find the Zwei works far better for prostate stimulation, even just with front hole penetration. The curve is far more dramatic, and it pushes against my prostate far more than the Eins does. It’s also far fatter than the Eins- girth and filling, and because I really enjoy the feeling of being stretched out, I prefer it to the Eins. I do have trouble with the Zwei’s size when it comes to anal. While I can take it, it takes a long ass time (pun intended) to warm up for it. I can’t take many of the high thrust settings in my ass.

The little flares that make the Zwei anal safe do have a great added bonus- they’re fantastic for perineum stimulation, be this with the toy in my ass or in my cunt. I was curious about if these flares would be good for cock stimulation, but they’re far too soft a silicone for this to be useful for anything other than teasing. It’s a shame, because the positioning of them is just right for my anatomy, and also because these flares mean I can’t access my cock with any other toys.


The one not glowing thing I have to say about the Zwei that isn’t as positive is that sometimes its size can be a bit much. It’s a toy that’s not advertised for size, and it does dominate my anatomy in use, so to speak. Other than using a vibe on my cock with it in my ass (which is excellent by the way) I don’t think I can use it in combination with other toys like I do the Eins. Which kinda sucks, because having a dildo in my cunt with it in my ass, or having a plug in my ass and it in my cunt sounds all manner of hot.

Overall, I like both the Stronics I own as the ultimate Lazy Boy™ wank toys. However, this is because the feeling of being thrust into is a large part of why I like bottoming, regardless of how much stimulation I get out of it. I did get more prostate action with the Stronic Zwei, and I prefer it out of the two Stronics I own, but it does, unfortunately, limit my access to my cock when I use it in my cunt. If you’re a big fan of thrusting, I’d say the Stronics are worth going for. However, if you intend to get a Stronic as an anal toy, it is worth noting that the Stronic Zwei is not for anal beginners, and its girth can make it a bit overwhelming. Additionally, while I do like both my Stronics- and the Stronic Zwei probably would make its way onto my desert island toys list- I did receive both as gifts, and likely wouldn’t purchase them at retail price. However, if you’re a fan of this kind of sensation and don’t mind the price tag, I’d say they’re worth checking out.

These toys were given to me as gifts by individuals not connected to their manufacturer or any retailer. I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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