Review: Bettie Page Wild ‘N’ Willing Wrist Cuffs

The Bettie Page Wild ‘N’ Willing wrist cuffs were from a line produced by Lovehoney that included various BDSM gear and a few toys. The line is, sadly, discontinued, but the last few pairs of these cuffs are available from various retailers. They originally retailed for £45 a pair.


I do have some opinions on the way vintage sex workers are perceived (most of which can be found expressed far more eloquently than I can express them in this article, and by somebody with far more experience doing sex work than me in this Tumblr post), so I find it interesting, to say the least, that Bettie’s image is being used for a ‘classy’ non-threatening collection of sex toys. I don’t know how I feel about it, but I do find it interesting.


I received my cuffs unboxed, so I can’t comment on the packaging. However, they did come with a collectable card and a little key-ring. Cute. It’s the same card and charm as comes with all the Bettie Page line, so it’s not really a collectable item, but it’s a nice touch.

The cuffs are made from quilted fake leather, lined with black velvet, and have a removable silver metal chain, with fittings in the same colour. It has multiple holes, meaning it can fit wrists between 5 and 8 inches. The total length of the cuffs is around 10 inches, and the width is just an inch. The Wild ‘N’ Willing cuffs come with a 7 inch chain, but both ends of this are quick release, so it can be replaced with a shorter or longer chain.

They’re comfortable as shit. Like, I’ve worn them around the house for a good chunk of a day and totally forgot I was wearing them comfortable. They’re more comfortable than some of the bracelets I wear on a regular basis. They’re soft, light, and thin enough they don’t restrict movement.

But that’s the thing, right. They don’t restrict movement. They aren’t as supportive or restrictive as other cuffs I’ve owned, and I worry about tugging too tightly on them. I feel they’re more suited to bondage for aesthetic’s sake, and not so much on being used as heavy duty restraints or during hardcore scenes. They are absolutely not suitable for anything like suspension.


But honestly, sometimes I don’t want hardcore scenes, especially because at the moment most of my play is with a very new domme. It’s pretty impossible to inflict any kind of real pain with these cuffs- they likely won’t restrict blood flow, they won’t prevent wriggling if a position is uncomfortable, and the clasps can be undone by the wearer.

Overall, I think these cuffs are a good piece for my toy box. I can’t really say I’d recommend them as I don’t actually know if they’re available any longer, but if you’re a beginner with bondage, a similar pair of cuffs is likely a good place to start.

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links were not used in this post

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