Review: A Krow’s Nest Eel

The Eel from A Krow’s Nest is a small silicone stroker designed for transmasculine people who’ve had genital growth from HRT, but haven’t had phalloplasty. I’m unsure if it would work for people who’ve had metoidioplasty, and those pre-t who have large anatomy might find they can use it, but I make no promises.


It’s around 1.5” in length, with two openings of different diameters- the larger ‘mouth’ end is about 0.8”, and the smaller back opening is around 0.5”.

The form of the Eel is, as you might guess, a little eel face. While I do like fantasy toys in general, this form does nothing for me, but I’m not turned off by it. It’s almost cute, in an odd little way. The stroker is completely silicone, and is therefore sterilisable and can be used between partners who are not fluid bonded. There are various colour options available, and the option for soft or medium firmness silicone. My Eel is a medium firmness, and is a sort of metallic silver/white colour. It’s a super affordable sleeve, coming in at just over $15 (just under £12).

The texture of the sleeve doesn’t seem to resemble anything particularly in form. It’s sort of a jagged clump of lumps that result in it feeling like something. I feel like the harsher and more constant texture works better than softer, more pliable textures. I’m unsure if the soft firmness silicone would work quite so well, but the medium is squishy enough to be comfortable, and yet hard enough that I can really feel the texture. The constant roughness of the sleeve works far better for me than the more smooth Micro Rei, for example. It feels great- when I can keep my dick in the damn thing.

Because the larger hole resembles a mouth, it has a millimetre or so of smooth silicone before you reach the texture, and the upper lip has a sort of overbite that makes the distance to the textured part of the sleeve longer. It’s hard to dock into place, and even once I manage to penetrate the mouth end, I had issues of my dick falling out again. I had far greater success with the smaller non mouth end, as this entrance was in a flat surface. I did have to plug the mouth hole in order to get good suction while doing this, but I found it was actually easy enough to do, and using a bullet vibe instead of a finger improved my experience.

I do appreciate having the different sized holes in the Eel, and I think if I just had the mouth entrance, I’d get far less out of the toy as a whole, but I do feel like the suction would be better if it wasn’t a double ended toy. The suction I get with both the Labiova Majora and the Micro Rei is far better.

I do feel like some design changes would improve the Eel overall, especially having less of an overbite on the head end. I want the Eel to succeed as a toy, because finding strokers for trans men is hard enough, let alone affordable and body safe sleeves. However, I do feel like unless you have very specific anatomical dimensions, it might not work perfectly. If the smaller of the two entrances would fit your anatomy, I say absolutely go for it. Otherwise, it’s something I’d recommend at least considering due to its super affordable price point, but I wouldn’t say it’s something you should rush to buy.

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. No affiliate links were used in this post.


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