Review: New York Toy Collective Archer

I don’t think I could ever love a packer as much as I love the Archer from New York Toy Collective. That’s quite a dramatic thing to say, especially since I’ve been packing for over half a decade now, the last few years being daily, but I mean every word of it. The Archer has been the best packer I’ve ever owned, and honestly I think I’ve forgotten about the others I’ve tried before now.


The Archer comes in two sizes, the smaller of which is recommended for smaller or younger folks. The larger size, which I own, has a total length of 5.25 inches, with the shaft length being around 4.75 inches. It’s made of silicone, making it sterilisable and body safe (although the Archer is not designed to be penetrative), and while I am exceptionally boring and choose to have my Archer be a skin tone close to my own, the Archer is also available in more whimsical colours (blue, purple, and gold at present), and is available in three other skintones. It’s not hyper-realistic, and doesn’t have full balls, but this is actually my preference when it comes to packers.

Unlike the other packer New York Toy Collective offer (the Pierre, which you can get at UberKinky for £54.99), the Archer is not available from any UK retailers. This meant I ordered mine from a US based store, and had a lengthy shipping wait. I ordered my Archer from Vibrant, who are a super trans friendly sex shop. Their entire site is gender neutral, they support Planned Parenthood, and their support team were super helpful through some of the shipping difficulties I had (which were entirely to do with customs, and not Vibrant’s fault at all). They sell the Archer for $55 (£42), but currently only in skin tone colours.

While this isn’t to everyone’s tastes, and I have no issue with uncircumcised penises, I chose the Archer over the Pierre due to the fact the Pierre has a foreskin. My neo-penis (if/when I chose to have phalloplasty) won’t have a foreskin, so- silly as this may sound- I don’t really want to get used to having one. I assume the benefits to the Archer also apply to the Pierre, so feel free to take this information on board if the Pierre is more your style.

The silicone of the Archer is very soft and squishy- pretty much on par with an actual flaccid penis. The flat back of the balls can get tacky, but I’ve found I don’t really need to cornstarch it. I mostly wear the Archer in a harness (the SpareParts Pete Commando Packing Harness), and have found it slips if I’m packing it loose.


That said, I’m really not a fan of tight underwear- I tend to wear boxer briefs or trunks with a little give- so if you’re a tighter underwear kind of person it might work for you. This wouldn’t really bother me too much, but I pack almost 24/7 (my record is 80 hours straight), and while I have enough pairs of packing underwear to just about do quick basin washes before changing them over, I actually wish the back were almost tackier, as a way to get it to stick to me more.

The best thing about the silicone-in my opinion- is that when worn, it takes on some of your body heat. I pack because I have severe bottom dysphoria- I hate not having a penis. So the fact that the Archer takes on some of my body heat is a huge important fact, because it makes it feel more like an actual part of my body when it’s worn. This in turn has meant I’ve been able to have sex like the Archer is part of my body- when partners grope me while making out, I’m not reminded that the bulge in my pants isn’t part of me. It’s even gone beyond that- one partner used a Doxy Wand to hold the balls of the Archer to my body while he stroked the shaft of my Archer.

The fact that the Archer always feels like part of my body means that some of the things that- on a packer I don’t feel so connected to- could trigger my dysphoria just don’t. Sometimes they go so far as to do the opposite- the Archer is hefty, and the weight of it always reminds me I have something in my pants. But where it could feel alienating, make me think about how much my packer is an artificial extension of my body, it doesn’t. In fact, being aware of the weight of my packer makes me feel less dysphoric, as does being conscious of the way wearing it shifts my movements and body language just slightly.


The only thing I have to say that isn’t glowing praise of the Archer is about its sizes. This actually isn’t something I noticed until my girlfriend remarked on it- the Archer is larger than the average flaccid penis. By a lot. I don’t mind this at all- while large it isn’t an unreasonable size for my frame, and the bulge doesn’t look odd at all on me.

There is a smaller size available if you are not my height (I’m just over 5’7”), but it is quite a large size difference. I don’t own a smaller sized Archer, but one of my friends does (and he let me have a fondle for the purpose of this review). It’s pretty small, smaller than an XS Mr Limpy in terms of shaft length, and with very small balls. I’d definitely recommend it for teen or shorter trans men, but I don’t know if this small size would make it effective at easing dysphoria for the average adult trans guy. Of course, some people pack for reasons totally unrelated to easing dysphoria, and if this is the case with you, I’d probably suggest taking a look at the smaller sized Archer.

Overall, I’d really recommend the Archer packer. If you’re not dead set on a hyperrealistic packer, and flat backed balls don’t bother you, I don’t think you can find a better packer to suit your needs. I’d recommend giving the sizing some thought, but aside from that, there’s nothing even remotely negative about the Archer- I think it might just be the best thing I’ve ever bought for easing my dysphoria.

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links were used in this post.


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