Review: Rocks Off 80mm and 120mm

The Rocks Off 80mm was the first vibrator I ever bought. I had just moved into my first dorm, and my first university classes started the next week, and I decided that then, finally out from under the gaze of my parents, was the time to buy my first vibrator. At the time it blew my mind. It doesn’t do the same today (my Doxy has ruined me I tell you!), but I still have a fondness for Rocks Off’s products because of this nostalgia.


Today I’ll be reviewing two sizes of Rocks Off bullets- the 120mm and the 80mm. While both bullets I own come from the discontinued Erotic Ink line, the actual function of the vibes remains the same in the currently available lines, even if the cases look a little different.

Both vibes are made from ABS plastic and are in a gold metallic colour (although many more colour options are available). They’re powered by disposable batteries, and have pretty light vibrations. The 80mm is 8cm long, and about 1.6cm in diameter, while the 120mm is larger- 12cm long and 2cm in diameter. Both are fully waterproof.

The designs that I have are both from the Erotic Ink line. I’m a big fan of tattoo flash, so the designs (made by Lal Hardy) appealed to me. The 80mm bullet has a super old school dagger design, with a skull on the handle, flora around the dagger, and a banner that says ‘PASSION’. The 120mm has a panther and flowers design, with a banner that says ‘PLEASURE’. These aren’t the sort of designs I’d personally want as a tattoo, but I am fond of old school designs from an art perspective, so I quite like the Erotic Ink line. However, it is worth noting this line is discontinued.


The 80mm- here the Passion design- has seven vibration functions, four of which are patterns. I, personally, do not care for patterns at all, and found that of the three functions that were simply vibrations, I had trouble getting off on all but the most intense. However, this is in part because I am now spoiled by my Doxy wand- when the 80mm was the first and only vibrator I had, the vibrations were enough for me to get off on. And I can still get off on this vibe, even if the vibrations are a little too buzzy for my current tastes.

I do still enjoy using the 80mm by slipping it into my harness when I top, and I find it easiest to get off on the vibrations in this context. I’m not too fond of the pointed tip on Rocks Off bullets- my cock is larger because of going on HRT, and the tip of the 80mm is so small that it focuses vibrations on only a tiny bit of my cock. At worst, it can feel painful, so I mostly use the side/length of the 80mm against my cock.


The 120mm- the Panther design- has ten functions. Unfortunately, seven of these are patterns. I find that the 120mm doesn’t work quite so well as the 80mm- it can be inserted, but even though I’m pretty sure the motor is the same in both, it feels much weaker in the 120mm. Maybe this is because it’s spread through a larger area? The tip is again tapered, but it’s not so pointy on the 120mm, so I can use it up against my cock. It’s not large enough for deep sensation, but I do quite like using it to stimulate just the entrance of my cunt.

It isn’t quite as quiet as the 80mm (which is almost utterly silent), but it is pretty quite overall. I feel like the 120mm isn’t as well designed as the 80mm- instead of making a new product they scaled up the 80mm, without considering how the changes would impact its efficacy as a vibrator. It’s still passable, but it doesn’t have the dependability of the 80mm.

All in all, revisiting these vibes has made me realise how much I’ve changed. I still have a lot of love and nostalgia for them, but would I actually recommend them? I’m honestly not sure I would. They’re small and cute, and actually pretty powerful for their price (80mm models are available from £9.99, and 120mm for around £19.99. I do really wish their site didn’t have a ‘toys for girls’ and ‘toys for boys’ section), but far less powerful than vibrators just a bit more expensive than them. If you prefer surface level vibrations, it might be worth a try, and it might be something that appeals to toy newbies, like it did to me. It is a lovely little bullet, and while it doesn’t blow my mind any more, I can understand why it’s sold so well (5 million units to date). If you’re not too bothered by weaker vibrations, and want something cheap and dependable, the Rocks Off 80mm is worth a look.

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. No affiliate links were used in this post.



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