Review: Doxy Wand Original

I don’t think any other toy has given me as many orgasms as my Doxy Wand Original. And I say this genuinely.


The Doxy Massager is a big toy. It’s around 13 inches in length, and the head has a circumference of 7.5 inches. It’s available in several colours (black, pink, purple and white to my knowledge) and costs £89.99 from Lovehoney UK. The wand is mains powered, and the power cable is pretty long (around 2.8 meters to my knowledge).

One of my partners did comment that they admired that the Doxy didn’t seem mechanical to them, despite a simple shape and structure. I do find it resembles industrial machinery a little bit, but that actually serves as something quite sexy for me, (probably due to some latent power tool fetishism I don’t care to examine). I weighed the wand in at around 510g, making it not inconsiderable, but very workable with two hands for me.


The three buttons on the grip are large, and I appreciate the simple design and controls. + means up, – means down, and the power button turns it on/off. With some toys, I find I have to consult the manual because I forget how different patterns connect, but the Doxy Wand Original just gives more vibration or less. The ‘neck’ that connects the PVC (more on this later) head to the body has a little bit of wiggle room, but is stiff enough that I have had a few moments of worrying I’d been pressing the wand to hard against me. Other than this, the body is totally stiff, and smooth aside from the three buttons and an imprint of the Doxy logo.

One thing I love about the Doxy Wand Original is its versatility. With some sex toys, I wonder how long I’ll actually be able to use them, given I have plans to have bottom surgery, making the fact the wand vibrators are compatible with pretty much any genital configuration is appealing. It also means I’ve been able to use the Doxy with partners of various anatomies with no problem, and with partners of various identities without triggering dysphoria. I’ve found it’s fun to place the head of the Doxy between the genitals of myself and a sexual partner, with two of us getting off on it at the same time. While the positioning of the head does have to be pretty exact and I have to keep shifting it back in place, it’s a way of having sex that I’d never considered before.


I can use the Doxy over clothes, which is a massive lifesaver when it comes to dysphoria wanking. However, using it over clothes is a lot more difficult than using it directly on myself. Of course I have to use a higher speed- I can get off on the low-mid range of speeds when using the wand directly on myself, but need the mid-high spectrum through clothes- but I also have to be more careful about positioning. I have a theory that this is due to the shape of the head. It’s very broad, and as a result, even if I aim to press vibrations against my cock, some of them get dimmed by my labia. That’s not to say that I can’t get off, and I can! I can even get off through my packer, and using the wand on my packer while holding the packer to my body is a wonderful and affirming way I’ve found to have sex.


One point of contention I do have is that the Doxy Wand is not quiet, and given I live in a shared flat with very thin walls, I have to strategically plan using it. That said, it’s actually quite a nice noise, and one I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for my living situation. It’s a low rumbling noise rather than a high pitched one, an Idris Elba sort of voice rather than a Charlie Day one. The fact the head is made of PVC is something I do genuinely take issue with. At the very least, it is medical grade PVC, and on a toy intended for external use only. However, I’d say if it’s affordable for you, it’d be worth looking into the Doxy Die Cast or the new Doxy Number Three, which both have a metal body and silicone head.

Overall, I’m very glad I bough the Doxy Wand Original. I’d recommend it to those who are into more powerful toys, and would absolutely recommend it to people who have complicated and dysphoric relationships with their anatomies. That said, I would suggest looking into the attachable heads if direct stimulation is something you want, and would absolutely suggest looking at the silicone head models from Doxy if you can afford it.

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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