Review: TENGA Egg Crater

Again, I want to clarify before I start this review that I am not the intended market for it. At all. TENGA eggs are designed for people with full sized penises as single use masturbation sleeves. I don’t have a full sized penis, used it multiple times, and didn’t strictly use it as a sleeve. But I did enjoy using it.


TENGA eggs come in various textures, and the one I tried out was Crater. I believe this has been discontinued, so I’m currently looking for an egg with a similar texture that’s still available. The eggs all come in a hard plastic case that’s egg shaped, with a soft TPE sleeve inside. The eggs also come with a little sachet of lube (which I do not recommend- I used Sh! Pure Plus instead).While TPE is porous and not sterilisable, it’s less of an issue with external toys than internal ones, and the TENGA eggs are intended for single use anyway. The outside of the TPE sleeve is smooth, and the inside textured- there’s a seemingly endless number of different textures available, including waves, love hearts, and even Keith Haring’s art (which I need to try). The price of a TENGA egg varies depending on retailer, but is generally around the £10 mark.

I’d already tried a tokidoki x Lovehoney cup, so I knew this style of toy worked for my anatomy if I used it in a particular way. I can get some sort of suction from sleeve toys, but mostly I use them as strokers- either using it the right way around, rubbing my cock from the outside, or turning it inside out and rubbing it against my cock this way. With the first, it can be a challenge to make sure I’m getting enough of the texture against my dick, so I prefer the second method.

I really like the texture on the Crater, and I like it so much I’m actually mad the product is discontinued. It’s a series of small discs, like the craters on an astral body, hence the name. I did find it reminded me more of the suction cups on a tentacle, which sent my brain in a whole different and filthy direction. The texture here is far more defined than on the other cup I’ve tried- the tokidoki x Lovehoney Bones Textured Pleasure Cup. It’s also a much harder texture in that it can’t be squished down as much, and this means I get far more out of frottage, especially given I’m used to frottage against reasonably firm silicone.


I did come with the TENGA Egg Crater. I came really really hard, in fact. And as with the Bones cup, the sounds it made as I was masturbating were a huge turn on. With a little lube, it creates a wonderful slick wet sound. However, as with that cup, I do want to clarify I would not have been able to get off with the TENGA Egg Crater if I wasn’t able to get off with just my hands anyway. The TENGA Egg Crater improved my masturbation experience, but it still relied on something that’s already there.

Overall, I really like the TENGA Crater Egg, and find it suits the way I use cup style toys to masturbate more than other textures I’ve tried. However, I am absolutely not using this toy for its intended anatomies or purposes, and I don’t think it would work with dyadic AFAB anatomies that haven’t had testosterone growth. It’s also worth noting that because the toy is intended for single use, it has a limited lifespan, even if like me you don’t or can’t rip it. However, I really really enjoyed using the TENGA Egg Crater, and found the texture was absolutely perfect for how I use these types of toys, and I’m super interested in trying out other textures and seeing how they compare.

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links were used in this post

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