Review: Pleasure Works First Mate


Have you ever had a moment when you get a new toy, and when you get it out the packaging you know that it’s going to be one of your favourite toys? I had one of those moments when I unboxed the First Mate from Pleasure Works. And I was right- this toy fits my body and my style of having sex perfectly, almost to the point where it seems like it was made for me.

The First Mate and Rookie (both from Pleasure Works) are my first pair of dual density silicone dildos. And I love them. I love them both a whole lot. And the First Mate is my favourite of the two.


These toys were sent to me from Good Vibrations from their in-house Pleasure Works line. They’re both Firm Core dual density, which means they have a softer exterior layer of silicone with a firmer core. This means they have a smoother feel, and in many ways a more realistic feel.

The First Mate has four colour options, three of which are skin tones (Vanilla, Caramel, and Coffee), and the four of which is a plain black. I received the First Mate in Vanilla, which is a super good match to my actual skintone. The length of the entire dildo is 7.5 inches, with an insertable length of 7 inches, and a circumference of 5 inches. (Full disclaimer- I cannot take the whole length.) You can buy the First Mate from Good Vibrations for $88 (~£65)

The First Mate has a defined coronal ridge, and some vein definition down the shaft. There aren’t any balls, but there’s a wide round flared base, making the dildo both anal safe and harness compatible. The head is very soft and squishable silicone, with the firm core


I want to start this review by talking about harness use, because it’s here where I’ve found it’s surprised me most. It’s well balanced in a harness, and the length of the shaft means I still can penetrate deeply, even with some length lost due to the harness. It’s thick and girthy, and yet the softness of the outer silicone means I don’t feel on edge about thrusting too hard (I’m newish to topping and can sometimes underestimate how hard I thrust).

The thing that surprised me about using it in a harness though- and a huge factor in why I love the First Mate so much- is that it feels so much like my dick.

The Vanilla colour option (which is the one that Good Vibrations sent me) matches my skin tone very well. This, plus the fact that the Firm Core silicone means that it feels incredibly realistic, mean that when I wear this dildo, it actually feels like part of my body. My favourite experiences with wearing the First Mate in a harness haven’t even involved a partner at all- I’ve taken a lot of lewds wearing it, have jacked myself off while wearing it (and not cared that I can’t actually feel anything), and even fucked a Fleshlight with it. It’s the same sort of emotion I get when I wear my Archer Packer, but weirdly… better? I don’t know why it’s better. It just is.

When using it to top a partner (in PiV sex), I didn’t manage to give him any g-spot stimulation, and because he doesn’t like his cervix being touched, I wasn’t able to fully insert the First Mate. But he still enjoyed being topped with it- he found it to be a really girthy, filling dildo, and did comment- with some surprise- about how like a standard issue penis the First Mate feels. We found this was especially the case if we used it with lube and/or a condom.


Using the First Mate on myself is genuinely almost as good as wearing it. I haven’t use it anally (I’ve gone off anal play recently for reasons unknown, but will try it out/update this review when I’m back in the mood for butt stuff), but I’ve used it a bunch of times in my front hole. It is quite a straight dildo, so while I don’t get any targeted prostate/g-spot stimulation, it actually fits my style of using dildos perfectly- I like to thrust dildos roughly while stimulating my cock externally.

Like when using it to top, there’s no friction when I use lube (I’ve been using Sliquid’s T-Lube recently). I can’t take the whole length, but the girth is an absolute perfect fit for me. It’s filling without making me feel stretched or overly-stuffed, and without requiring me to work up to it. I think this is in part due to the softness of the outer silicone.

I don’t get much in the way of frottage with this toy, but I didn’t expect to. The lack of texture means that I can’t really get off on rubbing against it, but humping it is still super fun.

The First Mate is super easy to clean. Because it’s silicone it can be boiled or put in the dishwasher to sterilise it, and toy cleaner and water will be enough to clean it normally. It does get a little sticky when washed, but you can make it return to the wonderful soft feeling it has to start. When powdered, I haven’t had much trouble with it in terms of lint. While it picks up a few stray bits of lint, it’s super easy to get these off, especially compared to when it’s stickier.

Overall, I really, really, really like the Pleasure Works First Mate. It’s a toy that works perfectly for my body and my style of having sex. It might not suit people who need or prefer g-spot or prostate stimulation with dildos, and it’s not the right toy for people who don’t like realistic dildos. But the First Mate is so perfect for me that it’s almost a revelation, and it’s shot right up to first place on my list of favourite toys.

If you’d like to buy the Pleasure Works First Mate, you can buy it from Good Vibrations for $88 (~£65)

This toy was sent to me for free from Good Vibrations, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact my opinions of it. Affiliate links were used in this post.


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