Review: Pleasure Works Rookie

The Pleasure Works Rookie is the second of the two dildos that Pleasure Works sent me to review, and while I don’t love it to the same extent that I love the First Mate (although I don’t think I can love any dildo as much as I love the First Mate), it’s still an excellent dildo.


Like the First Mate, the Rookie is a dual density Firm Core dildo, meaning it has a softer exterior layer of silicone with a firmer silicone core. This means it has a softer, more realistic feel than single density toys. The Rookie is described as a vibrating dildo because it has a hole in the base for a bullet vibrator to be placed into (and it comes with one- more on this later). It comes in three skin tone colours (named Vanilla, Caramel, and Coffee). I was sent the Caramel colour.

The shaft of the Rookie has a moderate curve, with very little texture, and it has a slightly defined head, with a glans and urethra. It’s not a realistic dildo, but it’s semi-realistic. It’s reasonably long, with an insertable length of 6.5 inches, but not very girthy- the diameter is around 1.25 inches. The Rookie can be purchased from Good Vibrations for $78 (~£57).

The Rookie has a wide flared based, making it safe for anal use. I find the size of the Rookie suits my ass more than it suits my cunt- it’s a little too slim for me to feel ‘full’ if I used it vaginally, but it’s perfect for my ass. I have used and do used larger dildos, but the Rookie still makes me feel full when I use it alone, without being difficult to take at all. This also means I’ve found it to be a really good warmup dildo.

I do prefer the curve of the shaft when it’s in my butt- in my vagina it can ‘catch’ uncomfortably. I’m not a really big fan of curved dildos in general though, to be fair, and the Rookie actually does a really good job at G-spot/prostate stimulation. The head of the Rookie is defined enough that I get the satisfying ‘pop’ when it goes into me (both vaginally and anally), and the rough texture on the head (while weird) isn’t uncomfortable in use, especially in combination with lube.


I found I most enjoyed using the Rookie when riding it. This is something I can find difficult with single density toys, but here the Firm Core squish has enough give that it’s not uncomfortable. However, the curve of the shaft does mean it has a slight imbalance, and without a bullet in it, the bottom part of the shaft does lack structural integrity. I normally have to hold it in place when riding it, especially when I don’t have a bullet in it, which does make riding the Rookie a little awkward.

However, the Rookie doesn’t have any balance issues when being used in a harness. The wide base means it sits pretty solidly and stably. I’ve really enjoyed using it as a dildo for pegging, and I think the reasonably slim size means it’d be a good choice to those new to pegging or strap-on play. It’s really fun to top with- it sits in a perfect place where it’s realistic enough that I’m not dysphoric when using it to top, but my partners who aren’t into realistic dildos aren’t turned off by it.

The curve of the Rookie’s shaft makes it really good for stimulating the prostates and g-spots of my partners when I top them with it. It’s also really fun as a blowjob dildo- I have normally have trouble with curved dildos, but the dual density of the silicone means I can give the Rookie blowjobs without any of the trouble I get with firmer silicone.

The product listing does suggest using the Rookie for pack-and-play, but on trying this out I can confirm this is not a good idea. Even without the bullet in the base, it can’t really be used for soft packing. It can be bent downwards if the bullet isn’t in place, and with strong enough fabric it can even be kept in the position, but it still does not look like a flaccid dick.


The bullet provided is a perfectly good bullet, and you can use other bullets if you find it doesn’t work for you. (I’d be interested in trying out a We-Vibe Tango with the Rookie). The problem that comes from this is with harness use- they’re generally longer than the hole in the base of the Rookie, so they stick out.

This makes using them with the Rookie when I’m wearing it in a harness basically impossible. So I’ve only been topped with it in a harness as a standard dildo, rather than a vibrating one. That said, I am super spoiled when it comes to vibrations, and my partners who don’t need as powerful vibrations to get off enjoyed the vibrating aspect of the Rookie.

I have really enjoyed using the Rookie to top with a bullet in it- because it’s closer to me than when I bottom, I can actually feel the vibrations, and I end up wanting to grind against the bullet, resulting in me fucking my partner harder. I’m absolutely sure it doesn’t come across in writing as being as fun as it is, but it really is a fun aspect of the Rookie.

The only negative thing I have to say about the Rookie is that it’s one of the few dildos I own where I get nothing out of trying frottage, but I feel like that was to be expected. It has a very smooth form that’s pretty much textureless aside from the head, and this texture isn’t defined enough for me to get anything out of it. That said, frottage isn’t something I was expecting from it at all, and I’m okay with it not being fantastic at everything.

Overall, I’m a fan of the Rookie Vibrating Dildo. I’ve been thoroughly won over by dual density silicone toys, and I’d recommend the Rookie to those who want a semi-realistic toy on the smaller end of the size spectrum, especially those looking for a toy for strap-on and/or anal play. It is more expensive than a single density toy of the same dimensions would be, but the Firm Core improves the Rookie so much that it’s absolutely justifiable. It’s a really good dildo with a huge amount of versatility, and I would recommend it thoroughly.

If you’d like to buy the Pleasure Works Rookie, you can buy it from Good Vibrations for $78 (~£57)

This toy was sent to me for free from Good Vibrations, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact my opinions. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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