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The SpareParts Joque harness is one I’ve always thought of as somewhat legendary status. I learned about sex toys through sex bloggers, and it was one of those products I would hear praised over and over.

Using a strap-on has been a large part of my sex life since… forever really. I really enjoy strapping on a cock because I prefer to top, wearing a cock even when I’m not topping helps me deal with dysphoria, and wearing a cock just makes me feel powerful. And yet I always wore brief harnesses, and have never really even tried jock style harnesses.

I decided I would take the plunge and buy myself the SpareParts Joque for my birthday earlier this year.

The Joque harness is, as the name suggests, a jock-strap style strap on harness. It’s made from super soft, making it washable and vegan. There’s two sizes rather than a ‘one size fits all’- Size A, which fits waists from 20-50 inches, and Size B which fits waists from 35-65 inches. I chose Size A, as I am too small for Size B. The O-ring is not removable or changeable, but it does stretch. It’s about 1.25 inches in diameter, but can stretch up to 2.25 inches.

The Joque comes in a nice array of colours- black, white, purple, pink, red, and blue. I chose to buy the plain black. It also comes with a nice storage bag, which I find works great to carry a small bottle of lube and a bullet alongside the harness. You can buy the Joque from $125 from Good Vibrations or £120 from Lovehoney.

I actually found the Joque harder to put on than I expected. The waist band has double velcro, and I found it surprisingly hard to close these equally without the harness falling off me. I had to ask a partner for help most of the time I used it, or had to contort myself against furniture to pin it in place. It does make it more comfortable than some harness I’ve tried that have straps, but also a lot harder to get on. The rest of the adjustments are made using straps, which are pretty secure, and far easier to adjust without worrying about it falling out of place.

Getting a dildo into the Joque is pretty easy. Some dildos do require a little wiggling (I found this to be the case with the First Mate), but others slide in pretty easily (like the Split Peaches Unicorn Horn). The O ring is really good at maintaining shape- it hasn’t been stretched out at all by my use of it.

The Joque also has two pockets for bullet vibes, and can be used with the pouch around the dildo open (so there’s direct contact between you and the dildo), or with it closed (this also works well for soft packing, although I wouldn’t personally use the Joque for packing).

The only thing that really disappointed me was that I don’t actually feel that sexy when I’m wearing the harness. I’m sure it flatters my butt, but it also gives me a little bit of a muffin top. I’m used to higher waisted clothing, and I normally wear brief harnesses a little higher, so it was actually a little uncomfortable to see my body in it. I was planning to take a bunch of nudes in it, but ended up not doing that because I was quite uncomfortable. I think that’s a problem with me though, not the harness. It’s also something I really didn’t give a shit about when I actually used this harness with somebody.

In use, I found the dildo stayed in place far more than when I use my RodeoH harness. The ring holds the dildo pretty tightly in place. Wearing the Joque makes me feel weirdly powerful, and I really love that the harness is versatile in how I wear it. If I’m feeling more dysphoric, I can wear it over underwear, but if I want to show off my butt or be open to penetration, I can wear the harness as is.

It feels natural when attached to me in a way I wasn’t expecting. I’ve used brief style harnesses for a long time in the belief that seeing boxers rather than a jock style harness made strapping on feel most ‘natural’ to me. I was wrong. The Joque feels so comfortable, and the dildo is held so well in place that it does feel like a natural extension of my body.

I don’t pack with harnesses like this, as I pack most days (and for some periods of time, daily). Wearing this harness that often wouldn’t be something I’d want to do. However, I did try it out as a packer harness. I found the waistband was a little too bulky to fit under underwear, and having this bulk drew my attention to my packer, making me more dysphoric. I’d recommend you look at the SpareParts Pete line instead if you’re interested in packing.

As I said earlier, care and washing of the Joque is really easy. You can just throw it in a machine to be washed. This is so much easier than timidly wiping down leather (which I’ve done for partners) and on par with the ease of washing my RodeoH harnesses. This also means you can use the harness with partners you aren’t fluid bonded with.

Overall, I would really recommend the SpareParts Joque harness, and I think it’s absolutely worthy of its glowing reputation. I don’t think it’s, as SpareParts claim, the only harness I’ll ever need. I do really like my RodeoH harnesses still. But I do think it’s the closest a harness is going to get to being The One. If you’re going to just get one harness, make it the SpareParts Joque.

You can buy the SpareParts Joque from Good Vibrations (US) or Lovehoney (UK)

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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