Review: Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit & Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

Satisfyer sent me (among a few other products), a Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit, and a Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples. While only the G-Spot Rabbit is a rabbit vibrator (obviously), the ways it doesn’t work for me are pretty much the same ways the Couples doesn’t work for me. So I’m reviewing them together.

Both products have the signature Satisfyer feature of a nozzle that creates a suction-like feeling (although notably not true suction) around the dick/clit. This is supposed to mimic oral sex, although in my opinion it really doesn’t. I’ve reviewed one of Satisfyer’s other products before (the Satisfyer Pro 2) and will be reviewing the Satisfyer Pro Traveller in the future.

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit and Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples are both available for £62.95 from Satisfyer. I wouldn’t though, personally.

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit


I’ve always avoided rabbit vibrators. Avoided as in I’ve never used or owned one. I always took Epiphora’s advice that there was too much to go wrong- if either the shaft or clit stimulator were wrong, the toy is nearly useless.

Epiphora was right. Incredibly, terribly right.

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit is, as the name suggests, a G-spot rabbit, with the clitoral arm that provides suction. It’s made from very smooth white silicone, with a really nice rose gold accent on the buttons and in accents. The insertable length is 4.5 inches, with a clitoral arm 2 inches long, and the clit/dick nozzle has a diameter of just over half an inch. It’s waterproof, and comes with a magnetic charger.

Let’s start with the good points.

The internal part of the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit is pretty good. The vibrations aren’t hugely strong, but the shape fits really nicely against my g-spot.


The control panel is well placed to be easily accessible when the rabbit is inserted.

Uh, it looks pretty? That’s a plus, right?

The problem is, the clit stimulator does not reach my dick. And it cannot be moved.

I know this is an inherent risk with all rabbits, but damn if it doesn’t piss me off. If the arm was a little bit more flexible, it might have some leeway. But it’s solid, and because this is a suction toy and not a vibration toy, the dimensions have to fit your body more exactly for you to be able to get anything out of it.

They did not fit me, and I got absolutely nothing out of this toy. Which sucks (ha).

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples


The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is the first “”couple’s toy”” I’ve tried. Like the Rabbit, it’s made from a mix of ABS plastic and silicone, mostly white, with a rose gold button. Again, it’s It’s waterproof, and comes with a magnetic USB charger. The control panel has four buttons- power, plus, minus, and wave. The fatter, broader plastic part of the toy fits over the vulva, with the nozzle resting on the clit/dick, while the thinner silicone ‘arm’ slots into the vagina. At its widest point, the internal arm has a circumference of 2.7 inches, and the insertable length is about 3 inches.

I was never going to be the target market for the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples. Like all “”couple’s toys””” (and I have a lot of opinions about this term), it’s intended for penis in vagina sex between (let’s be honest) cisgender heterosexual people. I’m not cisgender, I’m not heterosexual, I rarely have penis in vagina sex, and when I do have penis in vagina sex, it’s either with somebody who is on estrogen (so has changes in functionality), or somebody with a neo-penis (which doesn’t quite feel the same way as a non neo-penis).


I had penis in vagina sex for the sake of this review. With a man with a neo-penis, mind, but a penis none the less. I also tried it while topping with a strap-on to try and calm down the aggressive cisnormativity and heteronormativity of the toy, which was even more disastrous.

What made the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples workable for masturbation is exactly why it wasn’t workable for sex. When I masturbate, I’m pretty still. This makes the Couples just about usable for hands free masturbation.

When people have penetrative sex, they are usually not still.

The wiggling was enough to push the suction part of the Satisfyer out of place, and I was left pretty much unable to find and maintain the right suction pressure. This is the least bad thing about the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples. Most of the time I was rammed in the dick with a large piece of plastic.

The internal part of the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples also vibrates. When I was being topped, my partner did mildly enjoy it, but the toy is too bulky to fit between two bodies comfortably. I was hoping the vibrations might be translated to a strap-on, hence why I tried topping with it in use.

They did not. And I whacked my partner in the dick with a large piece of plastic.


I’m happy Satisfyer are willing to innovate rather than release the same toy in different packaging, but the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a total mishap. I don’t think I can recommend it to anyone, and it especially does not work for my tastes or sex life.

The Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit does have some promise, but you’re always going to have the inherent risk that it won’t fit your body. I still think it needs some changes, especially making the clit arm more flexible. I still don’t think it’d be a toy I’d freely choose to use, but it’d be far more workable. I’m not a fan of either toy, but I think the Rabbit is actually saveable as a design.

Is it just my body that doesn’t work? Maybe. Other bloggers I like and trust have enjoyed using these toys (Cooler Than a Glass Dildo really liked the rabbit). But I didn’t enjoy using either toy, and I think with the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples this is mostly because of design flaws and not just a lack of match between toy and body.

If you’re really sold on the Satisfyer suction, just get one of the standard toys. I’ve tried both the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro Traveller before, and they work much better. Weirdly enough actually being free to find the right place on your anatomy for a toy makes that toy better. Wild.

Get one of those if you’re particularly invested, and skip both the Rabbit and Couples.

This toy was sent to me for free from Satisfyer. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact opinions expressed. Affiliate links were not used in this post.

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