Review: MEO Neoprene Ankle and Wrist Cuffs


I’ve only ever owned one pair of wrist restraints before- the Bettie Page Wild ‘N’ Willing Leather Wrist Cuffs, which I’ve reviewed before. Like I said in that review, they look lovely and are very comfortable, but they don’t really do much actual restraining. And as I’ve got more into restraint play, it was definitely something that needed an upgrade.

When MEO offered to send me products for review, as well as the Puppy Plug, I figured I should ask for for a set of ankle and wrist restraints. They sent me the MEO Neoprene Wrist Restraints and Neoprene Ankle Restraints. The ankle restraints and wrist restraints are separate products, and both available for for €39 (~£34). The only colour available is plain black, with matching black grommets and buckles.

The material these cuffs are made from- neoprene- is a synthetic rubber. It’s safer for many with latex allergies, and is pretty easily washable. I chose neoprene and not leather for a number of reasons. Firstly, neoprene is a material seen quite a lot in my local pup play scene, which I’m starting to get into, and I figure I might as well keep a consistent aesthetic. Secondly, as I stated, neoprene has a reputation for easy cleaning, and I wanted to see if this was true. Thirdly, a number of the people I play with are vegan, and I want to respect that by using vegan gear when we play together.

These cuffs arrived in two simple sealed plastic bags. While some might find this no-frills approach a let down, I appreciate that this reduces packaging waste. Even if packaging is a big factory for you, the lovely storage bags both came with should more than make up for it.


While these bags aren’t subtle at hiding the contents (they have the MEO logo displayed prominently with the tagline ‘Play with Me’), it makes for a very nice storage system. Both sets of cuffs come with black D rings, but neither come with any other hardware (e.g. chains or snap-hooks). This didn’t make much difference for me, as I already have gear I use, but I know a lot of people wouldn’t have their own gear.

I really like these cuffs, partly because these cuffs are just so damn sexy. They make me feel sexy when I take them out of my play bag to show a partner, they make me feel sexy when I get cuffed to the headboard, they make me feel sexy when I cuff my partners in a hogtie. The black metal hardware just looks so stark against the black of the cuffs themselves. I don’t really know how to explain it, but just take my word for it. The cuffs just feel sexy.

The neoprene cuffs I’ve tried before have been very thin flimsy ones, but these cuffs are super thick. Like, the thickness of leather cuffs thick. There’s two layers of neoprene, and the internal one is padded, making the cuffs super comfortable. They hold up really well when I tug at them, and the material doesn’t dig into my skin at all when I do so.

The cuffs are, as I hoped, pretty easy to clean. I used lukewarm water and mild soap, as MEO suggested, and left them to air dry. This worked really well, and I was able to get clean the cuffs really easily.

However, when cleaning I was aware of the fact that being neoprene, these cuffs were more fragile than if I’d got them in leather. Most of the risks of damage is accounted for though. For example because neoprene, unlike leather, can tear, each fitting hole has a grommet. The cuffs are sturdy, and will hold up to most play, but if you’re very heavy and rough with your play (far heavier and rougher than me) you might have some trouble.

cufss2The only other thing that I can possibly complain about is the lack of hardware. I’d expect cuffs to come with some sort of connecting hardware, even if it’s a snap hook rather than any kind of chain. This wasn’t a problem for me personally, as I already had clips and chains, but I think most people would appreciate the inclusion of something like that.

Overall, I really love the MEO Neoprene Ankle Restraints and Wrist Restraints. I’d recommend them especially to those looking for an alternative to leather cuffs, like vegans. I’d also recommend them to people who need cuffs they can more easily and deeply clean than leather (e.g. people into piss play). If you’re sold on leather, MEO does have some really great leather cuffs if leather suits you more (Joanne of Sex Machine Reviews did a review, which you can find here), and they’re the same price. However, I personally really like the Neoprene, and find it works better for me than leather would.

If you’d like to buy the Meo Neoprene Wrist Cuffs or Ankle Cuffs, you can buy them from MEO for €39 (~£34)

This toy was sent to me for free from Meo, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were used in this post.



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