Review: Rocks Off Ruby Glow


While toys that are specifically intended for transmasculine consumers are few and far between, sometimes I see a toy that sounds like it might work perfectly for us, even though we were absolutely not the demographic in mind. The Rocks Off Ruby Glow is one of those toys.

I was sent the Rocks Off Ruby Glow by The Pleasure Garden, a small UK based boutique. They sell only body safe toys, their categories aren’t gendered, and the language they use is fully inclusive of all genders. The Pleasure Garden also has product filters to make finding the right product easier for those with accessibility needs, including ‘disabled-friendly’ and ‘hands free’.

I’m always really happy to see small, trans friendly, body safe retailers, and I’m especially excited that The Pleasure Garden is a UK based retailer. Even if the Ruby Glow isn’t for you, I’d recommend checking out what other products they have in stock.

As I said, the Ruby Glow was very much not intended for transmasculine consumers. It was created by an erotica author, Tabitha Rayne, who wanted a toy she could use while writing on a computer at the same time. But, of course, it’s a toy that could work for other groups, such as people with mobility issues and people who prefer non-penetrative sex.

While, of course, many transmasculine people do like penetrative sex (and I’m one of them), penetrative sex can also be dysphoria inducing. I do generally prefer non penetrative vibrators, I enjoy grinding on things, and at the time of testing, I had recently had surgery, so using toys with my hands was a lot more difficult than normal. The Rocks Off Ruby Glow seemed almost perfect for my preferences and situation.


The Ruby Glow is made from pink silicone. It’s a very hot pink, which honestly reminds me of the pink I dyed my hair when I was a teenager. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

The Ruby Glow is designed to fit against the vulva, with ridges to fit against the clit/dick, and a mound to rest at the vaginal opening.

It has two separate motors, each with 3 speeds and another 7 various patterns and rhythms. It is battery operated, but at least takes AAA batteries, which are included, so you won’t have to go on the hunt for watch batteries. It’s 17cm long in total, and very lightweight.

The Ruby Glow is available for £39.99 from The Pleasure Garden.

The Ruby Glow can be used through clothes, but I opted to use it without clothing on, as I figured this’d give me the best idea of how strong the vibrations actually were. My first reaction when straddling it was that the toy definitely might not fit some anatomies. It wasn’t a perfect fit for me, but it was close enough that I was able to use the Glow.


The Ruby Glow is really effective at turning me on. I found on a bed, it was too easy to push around to get good friction, but on a chair or the floor it was fantastic. I really enjoyed grinding against it, the buttons were very easy to reach even in use, and I actually tested it for its intended use (erotica writing) and found that worked perfectly. (I’ll be posting that piece some time and updating this post to link to it when I have).

I’ve also had some issues with mobility recently- I had surgery at the end of March, and have had trouble using my hands to hold toys, so the Ruby Glow arrived at the perfect moment for me.

But here’s the thing.

I found it really hard to orgasm using the Ruby Glow.

In fairness, I like a lot of things about the Ruby Glow. I like the texture of the silicone, which is a lovely smooth matte. I like that it’s splashproof. I like that the dual motors allows users maximum control. I really like the placement of the control buttons, which I found easy to access during use. And I absolutely love the fact that a non-penetrative toy is on the market.

But I still couldn’t get off easily with the Ruby Glow.


I think that’s one of the immediate things that needs to improve in the Ruby Glow. The motors definitely need to be stronger, and I think changing it from a battery powered toy to a rechargeable one would be the most effective way to do this. This would also have the side benefit of making the toy waterproof, meaning it could be used in the bath, as well as making it easier to clean.

I really do love the idea of the Ruby Glow, but I still feel it needs some tweaking before it’s the toy it could be. My orgasms with it were pretty weak, the vibrations just aren’t strong enough, and I really, really think it could do with being rechargeable rather than battery powered.

However, I am very excited such an original toy was brought to market, and especially excited that such a popular mainstream manufacturer is starting to make non penetrative toys. If you don’t need particularly strong vibrations, and the toy shape appeals to you for any reason, I’d still recommend trying it out. However, if you know you’re a power queen, or need solid constant vibration, I’d suggest giving the Ruby Glow a miss.

If you’d like to buy the Rocks Off Ruby Glow, you can buy it from The Pleasure Garden for £39.99. Even if the Ruby Glow isn’t for you, I’d still say take a look at what TPG has in stock

This toy was sent to me for free from The Pleasure Garden, in return for a fair and impartial review. Receiving this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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