Review: Perfect Fit Buck Off Sleeve

Widely marketed as ‘the first’ sleeve for trans men, the Buck Off Sleeve by Perfect Fit is a stroker intended for AFAB people who’ve had genital growth on testosterone therapy. While I’m skeptical about the claims the Buck Off is the first product of its kind, and I have my own thoughts about Buck Angel (mostly that I don’t particularly like him), I’m always happy to see sleeves for transmasculine people on the market. And given the Buck Off is, as far as I can tell, the most accessible option (I’ve seen it in actual real life stores, and not just online), I wanted to see what it was like, and I wanted people to have access to a review that compared it with other sleeves.


The Buck Off Sleeve was sent to me by Spectrum Boutique, an awesome sex-positive, all body safe sex toy retailer. They’re super inclusive and welcoming to all genders and bodies, and have, in my opinion, the best category system I’ve ever seen a toy retailer have. In particular, I really appreciate that the Buck Off can be found in their ‘Penis Toys’ section- it’s a small but wonderfully affirming thing. I also really love that their gender expression section isn’t just packers and harnesses, but also products used more by transfeminine people- dilators and tucking underwear.

The Buck Off has an opening of 3/4”. It is made of TPR-the box says ‘Silicone/TPR’ blend, but I’m sceptical of this, and even if true, the product still has the qualities of TPR. This means that while it is body safe, the Buck Off is porous. However, there is leeway with toys that are used externally in a way there isn’t with internal toys. I would never suggest using a porous toy internally, but with the right care a porous external toy can be safe. More on this later.

The Buck Off can and should be used with water based lube (I recommend Sliquid H20 as my go to lube), but not silicone lube.

The texture of the Buck Off is quite pronounced- far more than the Tenga products I’ve tried, and more than the FTM Pitstop Shotpocket. However, as the material is super soft (and I mean super soft. Like I sat there squishing and stroking it soft), the texture doesn’t feel as prominent as the Shotpocket.

I did experiment with using the Buck Off quite a lot, and found a few things that really worked for me. Firstly, placing it in warm water for about 10-15 minutes warmed it up to a nice almost-body temperature. Also, when I wasn’t totally hard (which happens sometimes, even if I’m really aroused), I found putting rubber bands on the outside of the sleeve made it tighter. My first few attempts at using the Buck Off were pretty clumsy, but I did get the hang of it eventually. Unless you’re very large, if you have a clitoris/penis pump, I’d recommend using that before the Buck Off- it makes the sleeve feel tighter and the texture more intense.

The texture is pronounced, but not as hard as some other strokers I’ve tried

The only way I can think of to describe the Buck Off is that it feels really, really fucking good. I don’t know how else to describe it. Jacking myself off in a warm toy that’s wet with lube, it just feels good. The motion of using it is very similar to stroking a standard issue penis (affirming!). It’s not as much suction as some other toys I’ve tried, but suction is present. The main star here though is the texture.

This isn’t a toy that gets me off very quickly. My orgasms with the Buck Off are slow and built up. But they are really good. I also tried using it the same way I sometimes use egg or cup masturbators- turning it inside out, popping my fingers inside, and rubbing it against my cock. This doesn’t work quite as well as the same technique with Tenga Eggs, but it is an option for use.

I definitely don’t think the Buck Off will work for all bodies. It works for me because I’ve been on HRT for a long time (coming up to four years), and I’ve experienced some (but not hugely significant) bottom growth. If you’re not on T, or you’ve not had significant growth, this product isn’t going to work for you. I’d definitely measure yourself up before buying this, if that’s something you can do without triggering dysphoria.

I definitely have mixed feelings about the softness of the Buck Off’s material. While it does help in some ways, it does also make the texture that is present feel less intense. I’m a bit of a texture slut- I generally like harder textures. That said, the softness of the Buck Off did make it feel a bit more like actually penetrating a mouth or vagina. It’s definitely not a replacement or perfect match for doing either of those, but it definitely feels more like it than the Eel or Micro Rei do.

The main reason I am conflicted about the softness of the material is I know it’s because the sleeve is made of TPR. It’s technically fine, as long as you don’t share the Buck Off, wash it properly, keep an eye on it for mold, and don’t hesitate to throw it out or replace it if it does show signs of mold growth. But that still means the Buck Off has a limited life expectancy, which silicone sleeves don’t.


As I said earlier, it is super, super important to care for the Buck Off properly. I found the best way to clean it was with warm water only, cleaning it twice, and then leaving the sleeve to air dry. After it dried, I applied renewing powder (I used Fleshlight powder, but there’s cheaper options. Or just use cornflower. It’s literally all the same.), to return the sleeve to its original texture.

You must dispose of the Buck Off if it does grow mold. The signs of this include material discolouration, or if it starts to give off an odour. There is nothing you can do to clean mold out totally once it has given hold.

Overall, would I recommend the Perfect Fit Buck Off? Yes, but with some caveats. I really enjoyed using the Buck Off, in some ways more than other sleeves I’ve tried. It’s pretty comparable price wise with other sleeves I’ve tried- Spectrum stocks the Buck Off for $26, while the UK Lovehoney stocks it for just shy of £30. But I’m also conflicted about the material.

If you’re willing to accept the shortcomings of the Buck Off’s material, you’ve experienced significant growth on HRT, and you know or suspect you’re not into firmer textures, I’d suggest at giving the Buck Off a try. If all points apply but size, Perfect Fit does have a smaller sleeve called the Kiss-X that might be worth looking into. For what it’s worth, I really loved the Buck Off, and would definitely consider the lifespan a reasonable trade off given how much I liked it.

If you’d like to buy the Perfect Fit Buck Off you can buy it from Spectrum Boutique for $26

This toy was sent to me for free from Spectrum Boutique, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were not used in this post.


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