Review: Satisfyer Men

About the stunt cock

I want to preface this review by saying that if you are a cisgender man, a lot of information from this review likely will not apply to you. The stunt cock I got to test the Satisfyer for Men is a transgender man, who has genital reconstruction surgery in the form of phalloplasty.

What this means is that a graft was taken from my stunt cock’s arm, and used to fashion a phallus. His initial anatomy was buried at the base of this phallus, and he is able to get erotic sensation from it. He has more sensation at the base of his penis than the tip. My stunt cock has a erectile device in the form of a pump, meaning he is able to get an erection through inflating cylinders in his shaft. The pump is placed in one of his testicles.

My stunt’s length is a little under 5 inches. This is a smaller than the average size of a penis in the UK. However, as the size of a phalloplasty does not change depending if it is erect, he is happy with this, as it means he doesn’t have quite so large a bulge when he wants to look flaccid.

If you’re a cisgender man trying to decide if the Satisfyer Men is right for you, I’d recommend looking for another review. Candysnatch Reviews reviewed it earlier, with a stunt cock who is a cisgender man. You can find that review here.

Satisfyer, until now, have mostly been known for their clitoral suction toys. Recently, they’ve branched into penetrable toys with the release of the Satisfyer Men.

sati1I do have some issues with the name (because of course I do). I also don’t particularly care for some of the marketing- a (heterosexual, or at least my quick searches indicate heterosexual) porn actor claiming that the Satisfyer Men gave him a better orgasm than the ‘over 5000’ women he’s slept with. I don’t like comparing toys to people, and I think the idea that toys are a replacement for people is part of why there’s such a stigma against them. But I was excited by the idea of being able to test a full size sleeve on a neo-penis, as that’s not a kind of testing I’d seen before.

sati2The Satisfyer Men comes in a hard plastic case, in black and blue. While it comes with only one sleeve (the ‘Classic’ sleeve), there are other sleeve options, available for £13.95 each. The sleeves themselves are made from ‘cyberskin’, which is a name for a kind of thermoelastomer (TPE).

The Satisfyer Men is available for £34.96, with additional sleeves available for £13.95.

The hole of this sleeve is not really anatomical, and doesn’t look like any orifice in particular, but the texture is supposed to feel like a mixture of vaginal and oral sex. I actually really like that the orifice isn’t anatomical. There’s nothing wrong with anatomical sleeves, and I definitely have a few more anatomical sleeves I want to get my hands on. But I also do have a soft spot for non-representational forms, and I think it has wider appeal than if Satisfyer decided they had to slap a vulva on there. The cyberskin is pale paper white rather than any kind of skin or flesh tone.

The end of the case has a vent, which can be opened to release pressure. This, and two panels on the sides of the case, which the user can press down on to increase tightness and sensation, mean that the experience of using the Satisfyer Men can be customised. I found these panels quite easy to push down when using the Satisfyer on my stunt cock, and he didn’t report any issues pressing these panels down when using the sleeve solo.


Lube is a must when using the Satisfyer Men, and only water based lube is suitable, as silicone is used in the manufacturing of cyberskin. Satisfyer sent me their ‘Men Neutral Lube’ along with the Satisfyer Men, but I personally didn’t like it. I don’t like gendered lube, and in this case the gendering seems to serve as an excuse to have glycerine as an ingredient, which can be linked to yeast infections in vulvas. We just used Sliquid H20.

holeThe default ‘classic’ texture worked really well for my stunt cock. There’s no variable pattern, it’s the same texture the whole way down. Tight lengths are interspersed with little ‘pockets’. The closest part of the sleeve to the entrance is a tight bit, which was a positive for my stunt cock, as near the base of his cock is where he is most sensitive.

While this might seem a little boring, it means that more complex patterns aren’t wasted by being further down the sleeve than my stunt cock can reach, or being on less sensitive parts of his shaft. Sleeves with spiral textures are probably all dandy and exciting for cis men, but these tend to mean the exciting textures are further down the sleeve, where they’d be in contact with the less sensitive parts of my stunt cock. I don’t think some of the other sleeve textures would work quite so well for neo-penises.

Being made from cyberskin, the sleeve can be warmed for temperature play. We soaked it in warm water for around 10 minutes, but dedicate sleeve warmers are available, if that’s your thing.

One side effect of the material choice is that cleaning the sleeve properly after use is super important. The sleeve should be removed from the case, washed with warm water and a mild soap, and then dried fully before being reinserted into the case. We had to use renewing powder after washing to return the sleeve to its original texture, although this was not mentioned in the manual. As the sleeve is porous, do not share it, keep an eye out for mold, and dispose of it if it has any signs of mold. The signs of this include material discolouration, or if it starts to give off an odour.


We actually discovered after a few uses that there was a holder for the sleeve within the case, which could be removed. It was a revelation, and meant I didn’t have to spend an hour painstakingly easing the sleeve back into the case while it made ‘slorp’ sounds at each movement. Don’t make the same mistake we did- it’s very easy to get back into the case if you do so as intended.

Overall, we really liked the Satisfyer Men. The classic sleeve really worked for my stunt cock’s anatomical specifics, and using it has definitely given me some idea of what textures to look out for in sleeve toys in the future. My stunt cock also really liked being able to vary the tightness of the sleeve, although he doesn’t have any other sleeve with a case to compare it to. While I really hated some of the marketing of the Satisfyer Men, and we cannot speak for the experiences of cisgender men who have used it, we found it works really well for us, and my stunt cock thoroughly enjoyed using it.

If you’d like to buy the Satisfyer Men, you can buy it from Satisfyer for £34.95. Extra Sleeves are available for £13.95 each.

Alternatively, I’ll be giving away a Satisfyer Men during August 2018, as part of my 1 Year Anniversary Celebration!

This toy was sent to me for free from Satisfyer, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were not used in this post.

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