Review: Bondara Mr Realist

The Bondara Mr Realist is a dildo I’ve had for a while. Before I started this blog ‘a while’. I’m honestly not sure why I haven’t reviewed it before, especially as an affordable, body safe toy is exactly the kind of toy many people need information on!

The Bondara Mr Realist is (as the name suggests) a realistic silicone dildo. It’s available in four sizes, the largest of which is just under £25 at full price. It comes in four colours- black, purple, pink, and ‘natural’ (a pale flesh tone). All Mr Realist sizes and colours come with a suction cup, and have a flared base, making them safe for anal play. In case you’re worried the Mr Realistic is not true silicone, but some kind of blend, rest assured. I carried out the flame test, and while this test isn’t 100% effective, it’s the best that I can do without sending the dildo off to a lab. And it passed with flying colours!

I have the XL size in black, which has a total length of 9.5 inches, with an insertable length of 7.5 inches, and a circumference of 6 inches. Other sizes might be far more manageable if that’s too much for you (they have insertable lengths of 5, 5.5, and 6.5 Inches, and circumferences of 4, 4.5, and 5.5 inches).


The XL is, as its name suggests, very large. It has a slight curve to the shaft, some pretty well defined balls, textured vein detailing, and a really well defined glans. It does have some squish to it, and the shaft can be pulled and pushed about, but the silicone is pretty firm. This in combination with the size meant the Mr Realist was a dildo I had to work up to very slowly.

I normally don’t consider myself a size king in any way, but fuck I love the XL Mr Realist. I can’t take the whole length. Not even close. I can it to about halfway down the shaft (in my front hole- I am absolutely not ready to even try this in my butt). But even just taking half of it, the sensation of being filled with the thickness of this toy is just so good. The texture of the veins really helps to make it feel even more girthy and filling in use, and while my general thing with dildos is to thrust them, with the Mr Realist I just like having it in me. I loved feeling stretched out while I touched my dick.

The curve of the Mr Realist, while quite shallow, is surprisingly good at getting to my g-spot. I think this is partly because of the head- it’s very wide, very flat, and most importantly, very firm.

The weight of the XL is not as heavy as I thought it would be. It’s still very much a solid, weighty piece of silicone, but I can hold the weight of it in one hand for a while pretty easily and without strain, which isn’t something I found to be the case with other large dildos I’ve tried. I found grasping around the balls and up the bottom half of the shaft worked well, allowing me to manoeuvre the Mr Realist while still holding the weight of it. That said, I definitely think the weight of the XL Mr Realist might be too much for some, especially those with joint issues.


The suction cup is pretty strong. While definitely not the strongest suction cup there is, the suction cup on the XL size is very wide, and can definitely withstand being jostled and wriggled in use.

I found that while getting the Mr Realist into me was easier when riding it than leaning back onto it, it was definitely less comfortable. I think that is partly because I don’t take the whole length, and having to lock my legs at the right height so I was penetrated just enough made them ache.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy riding the Mr Realist- I did (and if I’m being honest, I totally thought of the Iron Bull from Dragon Age when I was doing it). It just got pretty uncomfortable.

Technically all sizes of the Mr Realist are harness compatible, and I did manage to fit the XL into a harness to take some lewd pictures, but I would not recommend actually using it in a harness. It pulls forward on the harness because it’s front heavy. It’s not stable enough for me to feel comfortable using it, because I’d be afraid of hurting my partner.

There’s only really two negative things I have to say about the Mr Realist. The first is that it is an absolute magnet for lint and hair. Little hairs just get stuck everywhere on it, even when I can’t think of any way they got there. The second is that I would prefer to see it in a skin tone that isn’t pale. Whenever I see affordable silicone dildos in any skin tone, it’s always a very pale one. (Now I think about it, the only silicone dildos below £30 in a dark skin tone I can think of are from the Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Premium Range).

Aside from my opinions on colour choices, I’m a solid fan of the Mr Realist. I am aware that the things I loved about the XL size may not apply to some of the smaller sizes- I’m fairly certain feeling stretched out won’t apply to the smaller sizes for example. But even at the smaller sizes, it’s still a body safe dildo at a super reasonable price. If you’re not a fan of texture or of curved dildos, I’d probably suggest giving it a miss. But otherwise it’s a body safe toy I’d wholeheartedly recommend, at a very reasonable price.

If you’d like to buy the Bondara Mr Realist, you can buy it from Bondara for £15.99-24.99 (depending on size) in black, purple, pink, or ‘natural

This toy purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. No affiliate links were used in this post

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