Review: Sailor Soft Pack

The Sailor Soft Packer from was sent to me by Good Vibrations, and it’s been a really fun and interesting product to test. I’ve wanted to review more gender expression items for a while, and I figured June, as Pride Month, would be a great time to post a bunch of gender expression product reviews.

The Sailor Soft Pack comes in two sizes, three skin tone colours, and both in a dual and single firmness. I chose to test the Sailor Soft Pack One, the smaller of the two sizes with a shaft length of 4”. The Sailor Soft Pack Two, the larger size, is slightly larger at 5” in length. Both of these are larger than the average flaccid penis size, which a paper in the British Journal of Urology International with a huge sample size found was 3.61”. I didn’t find the 4” to be noticeably large or unnatural looking, but if you’re a smaller sized person (I am 5’7” so pretty average sized), it might look a little large on you.

I was sent the mid skin tone, Caramel, in dual firmness, and size One.

You can buy the Sailor Soft Pack for $24 (~£18) for the small size, or $28 (~£20) for the large size from Good Vibrations.


I wore the Sailor Soft Packer most days for a period of three weeks. It was pretty interesting as an experience, as I haven’t worn an elastomer packer in a long time, and have got surprisingly used to a silicone packer. I did then also wear one of my old Mr Limpy packers for a few days, as I felt this was a more fair point of comparison than my Archer.

I found that, even wearing the Sailor with a harness, tighter underwear was a must. This is pretty great for me, as I’m a briefs or boxer briefs kind of guy. If you wanted to wear the Sailor with looser underwear, you’d probably find it shifts a little, if it doesn’t just swing out of place altogether.


I’m used to wearing a larger packer than this, so I was expecting a larger bulge under clothing than I got. However, I do think this is more realistic a bulge than the larger size would be. It creates a fantastic bulge in underwear.

The shaft of the Sailor leans forwards, so if you pack up and to the side, it’s gonna work less well as a packer. That said, packing up and to the side is a good way to shorten the life of elastomer packers, and doing so will cause more wear where the shaft meets the balls, so I wouldn’t recommend it with any elastomer packer.

The Sailor is well balanced, although a little heavier at the front.This might be an issue if you’re a fan of free packing (which is packing without a harness- just placing the packer in tight underwear) or sack/pouch packing, as then you want the weight of a packer more towards the back.

ballsI really love the shaping of details on the Sailor. The scrotal wrinkles are really well defined, if a little close to exaggeration. The veins are nicely detailed, and I love the shaping of the circumcision scar. It’s not too exaggerated, but still very detailed, as is the glans shaping. I actually really love the balls on the Sailor, more than I was expecting to.

The firm core was what attracted me to the Sailor Soft Packer. While I have tried elastomer packers before, none of them have had this feature, and I was intrigued. If you’d rather not have a firm core, this is an option, but I actually really liked it. The idea of the firm core is that dual density feels more realistic, and while I was worried the Sailor Soft Packer would make me feel like I had a semi, most of the time it’s simply more realistic.

For what it’s worth, it is less firm than silicone packers I have used. And when I did feel like it felt like a semi, this was actually a positive, such as a when a partner groped me when we were making out. If you wear a packer for play rather than dysphoria relief, that’s something that might interest you. And even though my interest in packers is primarily dysphoria relief, I really liked the firm core.

As part of my field test, I actually took the Sailor swimming! This was a first for me, as this is the first time I’ve had the time and weather to be able to go swimming since having top surgery. I wouldn’t recommend taking the Sailor swimming though, as I had an unfortunate incident where it almost floated, and I looked like I had a very firm erection. It was very awkward for everyone involved.


As the Sailor is made of elastomer, you will need to powder it after washing to return it to a skin-like texture. Corn starch in any form is fine for this. I use Fleshlight renewing powder, but grocery store corn starch works just as fine. Wash the Sailor with mild soap and water, and absolutely do NOT boil it. It will melt.

While I didn’t have any trouble with the Caramel, I do think with the darker skin tone (Coffee), corn starch may turn the packer somewhat ashy. I personally don’t free pack, and I don’t like to free pack at all, but if you do, skin to packer contact will sweat some of the corn starch off the packer surface, and it will get sticky.

As much as I liked the Sailor in theory, while wearing the Sailor I ran into a few issues, one of which was a pretty major negative.

One is the smell. It has a really noticeable and strong smell, and it stuck to my packing underwear and pubic hair. I did find this smell went away after three washes, but it’s definitely something to be aware of. I also had some trouble fitting it into harnesses- it popped through the O-ring of my Origami Customs harness, and didn’t stay in my RodeoH harness well, but did fit into my SpareParts Pete undies pretty well.


The main negative I also found that the Sailor tore really easily. I had multiple tears on the Sailor by the end of the three weeks.

I’m definitely willing to blame one of these on taking the Sailor swimming, which reduce its lifespan, but the other tears showed up before I did this.

While these tears doesn’t affect how usable the Sailor is, they’re really disheartening, and happened a lot earlier than I expect to see tearing on elastomer. It does make me concerned about the overall lifespan of the Sailor.

This tearing did only happen when I had part of the shaft exposed (using the Commando rather than the Freestyle), so that might be why? Either way, it’s still something genuinely disappointing. This is what gives me most pause about the Sailor, despite liking pretty much everything else about this Packer.

I also had particular issues with heat. There was a mild rise in temperature when I received the Sailor Soft, and the packaging was pretty greasy and oily. However, I also had issues with oilyness with a Mr Limpy. With this and a few other points, I do think the negatives of the Sailor Soft Packer are negatives inherent to the material, and not the result of design choices made with it. Elastomer does tear, and daily or frequent wear will take a toll on a packer. Elastomer is also porous, so can’t be sterilised, requires powdering, and can get sticky in hot temperatures. These are things you’ll have to deal with if you have an elastomer rather than a silicone packer, no matter the brand or model.

If you’re a fan of free packing, I definitely think the Sailor Soft Pack isn’t for you. I’d recommend getting a silicone packer, especially as a non-porous material probably isn’t the best idea for skin-to-packer contact. If you’re looking for a packer to convert into an STP, I also wouldn’t recommend the Sailor Soft Pack, as this would involve taking the firm core out. I still personally prefer my silicone packer, and if that’s something that appeals to you and is in your price range, I’d suggest going for a silicone packer.

However, if you are looking for an elastomer packer, I think the Sailor Soft Pack is an option. I love the firm core (although now I deeply wish for a firm core silicone packer), and I’m super happy there’s actually a dark skin tone elastomer packer on the market at all. I think there are definitely shortcomings with the Sailor in particular that need to be worked on, the smell and easy of tearing especially. Alongside this, there are also the limitations of the material in general. The Sailor Soft Pack feels good, looks good, but the materials do need some work.

If it wasn’t for the tearing issue, I would recommend the Sailor Soft Pack, but I think the level of tearing was a bit too much for me. All elastomer packers will tear, and need replacing a few times a year, but the damage to the Sailor was a little too much and too quickly. However, I don’t know how much this matters to individual people and consumers, and I think deciding it is a big enough deal for you that you don’t want to buy the Sailor is valid. Are the positives of the Sailor- the dual density, the realistic shaping, the fact it is an affordable packer that comes in a dark skin tone- enough for you to accept the tearing issue? That’s also valid.

If you decide the Sailor Soft Pack is right for you, you can buy it from Good Vibrations for $24-28 (~£18-21)

This toy was sent to me for free from Good Vibrations, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact my opinions. Affiliate links were used in this post.


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