Review: Packer Gear STP Packer

The name of this product- ‘California Exotics Packer Gear STP Packer’- implies that this product is a packer. This is untrue. I know this because I tried wearing it as a packer, in the very packing underwear that the STP Packer box showed it being worn in. And it was an absolute disaster.

notapacker.pngThere is a single angle it is almost packable from. But this isn’t the right position to be able to pee through, and also isn’t the angle packing underwear holds it at. In packing underwear, the shaft sticks out sharply at an angle, it can’t be bent down without the shaft flattening, the shaft sticks out enough that you will look like you have an erection no matter what you do, and it’s not even the right place for me to be able to pee through it. It’s a terrible packer, 0/10 would not recommend.

As an STP though? It was actually really good. Shockingly good.

California Exotics Novelties, or CalExotics, is one of the four biggest sex toy manufacturers, but they’re generally the least bad of the lot. While not all their toys are body safe, their Packer Gear line has always been decent and offered affordable gender expression items. They’ve expanded the Packer Gear recently, and the STP Packer is a new product.

I’m not going to lie to you- some of the products of this line are knock offs. There’s what looks like a Buck Off knock-off for sure. But I really wanted to review this STP, because I want people to have access to information about toys they can actually afford. Because this STP is really affordable- it’s $13. That’s ~£9.50.


The Packer Gear STP Packer (which is going to be the worst name to repeat for a whole review) comes in two colours and one size. There’s one pale skin tone, and a mid brown (called ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Caramel’, because of course they are). The entire length is about 5.5 inches, with the shaft length being around 4 inches. The cup is pretty wide, at 1.5 inches at its widest point, and the shaft hollow is also pretty wide, at an inch diameter.

It has some detailing in the form of a pulled back foreskin and defined glans, and some slightly exaggerated veins along the shaft. The slight definition on the cup so it looks like balls is really unrealistic (see left), to the point it’s actually a little bit funny. But nobody is going to see the cup when you use it and nobody would think twice at a quick glance at a urinal.

I really like the cup shape of the Packer Gear STP. It’s exceptionally wide (much wider than the Mr Fenis, which I thought had a wide cup when I first tried it), and much easier to ‘dock’ with my anatomy. I still went through my new STP learning curve (learning to use it in the shower so spills can be cleaned easily, then using it unclothed standing in front of a loo, then using it clothed), but I figured it out much easier than I did with the Mr Fenis or Urinall STP Packer.


It doesn’t fully cover my anatomy, but it does a pretty good job. There was some leakage near the back the first few times I tried it, but with practice I managed to prevent this. I found I had to hold it lower than where my first instinct was to hold it, with the shaft just under my cock. The rounded edges on the bowl also made it pretty comfortable up against me, and minimises leakage if held in the right position.

The hollow of the shaft is pretty wide, and the hole at the end is pretty large. I really liked this- combined with the quite deep bowl it meant I didn’t have to really think about my flow in terms of speed or volume, because liquid passes through the STP really quickly.

The only real problem I ran into using the Packer Gear STP as a STP was the issue of how to actually get it in place. It’s thin and flexible enough silicone to roll up into a pocket, but it’s pretty hard to slot into place without pulling your trousers down. I just used stalls- the standing up is the validating bit of using an STP for me, not the urinals bit. But if the appeal of an STP is being able to use a urinal, then I genuinely don’t know how you could slot this into place discreetly at a urinal. The balls are a bit too big to slip through most flies, and ideal positioning for me was also a bit too far down for the ‘slipping through the fly’ thing to work.

My working method for using the Packer Gear STP was:

  1. Get into the stall
  2. Take my trousers and non-button up boxers down
  3. ‘Dock’ the cup up against me, then pee
  4. Shake the STP to get droplets out. Then roll it up in my sleeve or a pocket
  5. Discreetly wash the STP when I wash my hands

As the STP is silicone, you can sanitise it through boiling (among other methods) as well as just washing it with soap and water. I boiled mine at the end of each day. I’m pretty sure this is overkill timeframe wise, but I would recommend periodically boiling your STP.


I actually discovered a fun, unintended use of the Packer Gear STP after sanitising it. If you suck the tip of the shaft, where the hole is, and position the bowl in the right position, you can get a blowjob. The sensation is a little awkward, and I can’t get the positioning quite right, but it’s really close for a product that was totally unintended for this purpose. It makes me really want to try the B.J. Dildo, which is actually intended for this purpose. So if you have your eye on the B.J. Dildo, but are unsure if it’d work for you, the Packer Gear STP Packer might be worth it as a way to try out the sensation at a much lower price point.

Overall, I liked the Packer Gear STP Packer way more than I expected to. While it definitely has some shortcomings (and really needs to get the word ‘packer’ out of its name), it’s a really good STP that works really well with my body. Obviously, all bodies and practices are different, and what works for me might not work for you. I definitely think you might have some trouble if you’re a urinal user, just from a practical point. But at that price it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

If you’d like to buy the Packer Gear STP Packer, you can buy it for $13 (~£9.50) at SheVibe

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. No affiliate links were used in this post.

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