Review: Gendercat Fascination Sleeve

The Fascination Sleeve is from Gendercat, who mostly produce prosthetics for trans people, including breast forms, nipples, and pack-and-play prosthetics. The Fascination sleeve is one of two sleeves they produce, the other being the GenderExtender, which combines a sleeve with a prosthetic. Both the Fascination and GenderExtender sleeves are made of silicone, and come with three different diameters- 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch. The Fascination sleeve comes in five colours, including pearlescent and a glowing colour, while the GenderExtender comes in ten skin tones.

The Fascination Sleeve is $29 (~£22), and the GenderExtender is $69 (~£52), with payment plans available.

I have a confession to make- I ordered the absolute wrong size for this sleeve. I asked to try the 1/2 inch version, when I absolutely should have ordered the 3/4 inch diameter version. But you know what? It still works. I can’t fit my whole cock into this sleeve, just the head. But I still can get off with this toy, and I still enjoyed using it, in some ways more than I think I would if I had ordered the right size.


I used the Fascination Sleeve with a water based lube- Sliquid H20- but can also be used by some oil based lubes (Dangerous Lilly has a post on coconut oil as lube, which you can find here). However, you shouldn’t use it with silicone lubes.

The texture is a series of tightly packed ‘rings’ or ‘ridges’. The texture is the same the whole way through, and the depth of the sleeve hole is definitely longer than I needed. I couldn’t figure out a way to actually measure it, but it’s just a little shorter than the length of my pinkie. As I couldn’t get the hood of my cock into the sleeve, just the head, I didn’t even come close to needing this length, but even if you get a Fascination with a hole size you can fit into fully, you almost certainly won’t need the whole length. It’s definitely a lot longer than any other sleeve I’ve tried, and the texture is a lot more concentrated and defined. That said, the ridges are quite thin, so the texture isn’t too intense.

The suction, however, is. I think it’s partly the fact I got a sleeve a little too small, but the suction of the Fascination Sleeve is SO intense. The fact only the head of my dick, and the head exposed with the head pulled back specifically, definitely contributes to this sensation. I actually can’t use this toy for more than about 15 minutes, because at that point it becomes too much, but by that 15 minute mark I’ve normally orgasmed multiple times.

One interesting thing I found was that after using the Fascination Sleeve, my dick looked larger than normal, pretty similar to the results of clit pumping. I’m honestly pretty sceptical that using the toy like this would lead to any permanent growth (and honestly I’m want to see more evidence on the long term effects of pumping to believe in that either), but it was really hot to see my dick looking flushed and larger than normal.

The Fascination sleeve is still definitely a little firmer than I like. I’m a fan of super soft sleeves (that’s why I love the Buck Off), and even compared to other silicone sleeves I’ve tried (like the Shotpocket), the Fascination sleeve isn’t very squishy at all. It works for sure, and the textured ribs are thin enough that it’s not overpowering, but I would prefer a softer sleeve. If you are big into texture however, the firmer silicone might be a better choice for you.


The only real issue I had with the Fascination sleeve that isn’t due just to personal preferences is the issue of cleaning. As it’s made of silicone, the Fascination sleeve can be cleaned with soap and water, or sanitised through boiling or being put in the dishwasher. The problem is, when I’m washing the sleeve with soap and water, I can’t turn it inside out to clean the part of the sleeve that actually came into contact with my genitals thoroughly. I’ve figured out a method of cleaning that involves covering my pinkie in soap and rubbing it on the inside of the sleeve, then pouring water into the sleeve, but I don’t know how good this method is for thorough cleaning. I’ve ended up just boiling it each time after use to be safe.

Overall, I think the Gendercat Fascination Sleeve is a really good sleeve for texture lovers, but while my experience of its suction was very intense, I can’t speak to the experience when using a correctly sized sleeve. I am super glad there are different sizes though! I don’t think I’ve seen a sleeve for transmasculine people come in multiple sizes before, and given there’s a huge diversity in transmasculine bodies, both in terms of the growth we get on HRT and if we’re on HRT at all- I’m really, really happy there are available products to account for this. A body safe, silicone, affordable sleeve for transmasculine people is always going to be something I’m happy to see, but the multiple sizes means the Fascination Sleeve stands out to me.

If you’d like to buy the Fascination Sleeve, you can buy it from Gendercat for $29 (~£22)

This toy was sent to me for free from Gendercat, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were not used in this post.


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