Review: Mr Hankey’s Toys Rentman Packer

The Rentman from Mr Hankey’s Toys is definitely not usable as an actual packer. It is a huge packer, so huge- in fact- that I cannot comfortably fit it down my trouser leg, with the smallest size having an overall length of over 9 inches

But you know what? I love it.

Mr Hankey’s Toys is a US based company who produce silicone dildos that can most gently be described as on the large size. Recently they released an Xtra-Small series of some of their toys (and I’ll be reviewing the Beowulf and Centaur from this series in the near future), but most of their offerings are size royalty paradise.

While some of Mr Hankey’s Toys are sculpted, the Rentman is lifecast, with the small being the actual size of the lifecasting. If you’re interested in it as a dildo, it comes in two firmness options- medium firm and 75% soft- as well as three colours- Natural Tan, Deep Brown, and Black. You can also choose to have a Vac-U-Lock attachment hole in the back of your Rentman, and if you’re going for a dildo rather than a packer, I’d suggest doing this, just to keep your options open when it comes to use in the future.

The Rentman also comes in a ‘packer softness’, which is the firmness I received. I was super curious about it, especially since this firmness was described as ‘non-functional’. And this softness is actually a really good packer firmness.


I think it’s a little squishier than my New York Toy Collective Archer, which I use to pack with daily. Even though the Rentman is very much intended to be a dildo rather than a packer, the softness of the silicone mean it doesn’t stay firmly upright. It still doesn’t lay flat- the heaviness of the shaft pulls the back forward a little bit. But if it wasn’t for the size, it’d be usable as a packer, which has not been the case with others packers I’ve tried that were originally intended as dildos (such as the Bad Dragon packers).

head.pngThe details of the Rentman are absolutely breathtaking. You can tell it’s life cast because every tiny vein is perfect, even the texture of pores is depicted. There are so many little details I love that it feels impossible to name them all.

I love the wrinkles in the balls around the base of the shaft, I love the constant subtle texturing on the head, and my absolute favourite bit is the frenum. I’m not sure why, but I just love looking at the frenum. It just feels so much like an actual penis, rather than just a representation of a penis.

I think the main question is what I actually used the Rentman for if it’s too large to pack normally. The real answer? Mostly dick pics. So many dick pics. All of the dick pics. The level of detail that the Rentman has meant that taking and looking at pictures of me with it made me feel what I can only describe as gender euphoria.

dickpicI also used the Rentman for blowjobs during masturbation, which were super enjoyable. The size of the Rentman was a challenge to fit, but the softness meant it didn’t feel like my lips were being stretched in any way that’s painful, which can happen when I suck larger and firmer toys (like the Bondara Mr Realist). I also really like the softness and weight of it in combination- if I’m licking at the base of the shaft or the balls, I can feel the weight of the shaft against the rest of my face, and it’s… weirdly hot? Really hot.

I’ve also humped the Rentman during masturbation. While it’s a little too squishy and untextured to get off on, the size and weight of it have made this really enjoyable. And even though the product description says this softness is not suitable for use as a dildo, you can use it for penetration. And I totally fucked myself with it.

The softness does make fitting it into me a little difficult, and means that if I try and ride the Rentman, it’s just not going to stay in. But the softness does mean it’s a lot easier to actually fit the Rentman into me- I’m not size royalty and I would need to warm up to fit a dildo of this size inside me if it was firmer. At this firmness though, I can slip it inside me without warmup.

balls.pngThe softness and shape mean that there isn’t really any pressure on my g-spot, and thrusting can be difficult. When I’ve fucked myself with the Rentman, it’s been just holding it inside me while I use a vibrator or my fingers on my cock. (Sidenote: I’ve found holding the Rentman with the balls up makes it easier to hold onto, although this can make it harder to access my cock.)

While the Rentman doesn’t hit my g-spot at all, I still feel stretched out and full, and the feeling when the head pops out of me after I orgasm is just urg, so good. So fucking good. Even though cock stimulation is mostly what’s getting me off, the way I clench around the Rentman when I cum makes my orgasm more intense. And I think I enjoy fucking myself with the Rentman for psychological reasons- I love the idea of getting fucked by a big dick, and masturbating while knowing I do have a huge dildo inside me is just hot.

If you’re interested in the Rentman only as a packer, I’d say don’t get it. While there’s a lot that would make it a fantastic packer, at this size it isn’t practically packable. However, as a general toy I would really recommend it. $130 is more than fair a price for the craftsmanship that has gone into this toy, and more than worth the enjoyment of the hugely varied ways I’ve used it.

And if the Rentman is released in an Xtra-small size? Absolutely get it as a packer. I think there’s actually the makings of a fantastic everyday packer here- the detailing is prosthetic level, and the silicone is closer to the squish of an flaccid penis than the packer I currently pack with. In a smaller size, this would shoot straight to the top of my favourite packers with no competition at all, and I’m really hoping Mr Hankey’s Toys decide to produce it.

If you’d like to buy the Rentman, either as a dildo or in packer softness, you can buy it from Mr Hankey’s Toys for $129.99

This toy was sent to me for free from Mr. Hankey’s Toys, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were not used in this post.

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