Review: Sliquid Lubes

Lube is the most important type of product in my sex life. For solo, partnered, or group sex, lube is absolutely vital, but I’ve never actually reviewed any lube. I don’t trust myself to be able to say enough for a whole review for a single type of lube, so instead I wrote a set of mini reviews for my the lubes I’ve used.

Most of the lubes I’ve found I liked and ended up using regularly are Sliquid, which has an almost legendary status. Sliquid’s non flavoured lubes are almost entirely flavourless and odourless, all Sliquid lube is vegan, glycerin-free, and paraben-free, and they have an Organics line that’s, as you might have guessed, organic.

Lube has become really important for me, as being on testosterone means my body doesn’t produce as much natural lubrication as it used to. There are many reasons you might produce less lubrication, and even if you produce a lot of natural lubrication, lube can help to make play even smoother than normal! And, of course, you can use lube to add flavour to oral sex.

Lube is something most people think of as only being needed during anal sex, but it’s useful for all kinds of sex, including solo sex. Needing lube isn’t something anyone should be ashamed of, and even if you feel like you produce a lot of natural lubrication lube can be something that can add to your sex life.

Sliquid H20


Sliquid H20 is the lube that started it all. This is Sliquid’s original formula, and it’s my go to choice for anything involving vaginal sex, penetrating sleeves, or for hand jobs. The taste isn’t too strong, but it’s not particularly pleasant. I don’t dislike it, but I wouldn’t choose to use it for oral sex.

The consistency of H20 is a little thinner than I would like for anal sex, so I wouldn’t use it for that. However, it does create a pretty slick, even layer, and is sort of gel-like even though it does drip very easily.

It can dry up naturally, or be wiped away. Letting H20 dry up doesn’t leave any tacky residue in my experience, but can dry up pretty quickly. During long sessions I usually find I have to reapply lube to myself or my toys.

Sliquid T-Lube


Sliquid T-Lube was created by Sliquid in association with Buck Angel. I honestly think Buck is an asshole, and I have a lot of issues with his politics. But I figured it was worth a shot to see if this lube worked better for me than other lubes.

It’s a decent lube. I don’t know what else to say about it. I had a look at the ingredients list, and the only real difference between T-Lube and H20 is that some ingredients are organic in T-Lube that aren’t in H20, and T-Lube has aloe. I sort of get why. It’s soothing, and going on testosterone can make it easier to inflame or irritate the vaginal walls. But honestly I don’t see why this is necessary.

The fact the bottle is tinted rather than clear is a little annoying, and makes it sometimes hard to see how much lube is left. T-Lube is a good lube, but no better than any other lube. Just get H20 instead- it’ll be easier to find.

Sliquid Sassy


Sliquid Sassy is thicker than H20, but is still silicone free, so can be used with silicone toys. It’s intended as an anal lubricant, but is totally safe and fine to use for vaginal penetration. It lasts a little longer than H20 for these uses in my experience, still wipes away clean, and doesn’t leave much residue.

I do think Sassy does have a slight smell to it, and it definitely isn’t quite as ‘scentless’ as H20. But it’s not too noticeable, and isn’t unpleasant.

Sassy is definitely my choice for anal play. However, I also prefer Sassy over H20 for some things outside of anal play. I find it works better for sleeve toys, and has worked really well for strap-on titjobs.

Sliquid Swirl


Sliquid Swirl is a line of flavoured Sliquid lubes. There’s a huge variety, and I haven’t tried most of them. The ones I have yet to try include Pink Lemonade, Cherry Vanilla, Strawberry Pomegranate, and Green Apple. The two flavours I have tried are Blue Raspberry and Pina Colada.

These lubes are intended for oral sex, and I would very much not recommend using them for any other kind of sex. Swirl lubes tend to get a bit tacky when I used them for handjobs, so they really are an oral only product.

Attention is still given to the ingredient list however, and they are still pH neutral

Blue Raspberry is the sweetest of the two I have tried. It’s not sickly sweet, but it is very sweet, and the flavours can seem like an aftertaste to the sweetness. It reminds me of a slushie. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, I’d recommend giving this one a miss, but I really liked it.

Pina Colada is less strong flavoured than I expected. I really love Pina Coladas, and was expecting this lube to taste more strong. The coconut and pineapple flavours are very subtle. I really liked this in practice- it’s just enough for the taste to be noticable and pleasant, but not overpowering.

If you’d like to buy any of these lubes, you can buy most of them from The Pleasure Garden. While TPG don’t have T-Lube, they have all the other lubes I’ve reviwed here.

If you’re US based or really want T-Lube, you can buy it from Good Vibrations

Affiliate links were used, but all products are ones I have purchased with my own money and of my own accord. All opinions expressed are genuine.

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