Review: Pleasure Works Cadet

I asked Good Vibrations to send me the Cadet for review because I was looking for a toy at the Goldilocks point between my two other Firm Core dildos (the First Mate and the Rookie). I wanted a toy with the curve and vibrator hole of the Rookie but the size of the First Mate, and the Cadet seemed the perfect middle ground. And it was! The Cadet is the perfect middle ground between the two.

The Cadet is a dual density realistic vibrating dildo. This means it has a softer exterior layer of silicone with a firmer silicone core, creating a softer, more realistic feel than single density toys. The base has a small hole where a bullet vibrator can be inserted, and it comes with one. It’s a pretty realistic dildo, with vein detailing on the superior side of the shaft, and a series of score marks on the glans providing some subtle texture. The coronal ridge is pretty pronounced, and there’s a defined slit at the tip. It’s sized pretty similarly to an ‘average’ erect penis, with an insertable length of 7 inches, and a circumference that tapers from 4.75 inches near the tip, to 5.5 near the base. The Cadet comes in three skin tones (Vanilla, Caramel, and Coffee), as well as a limited edition hot pink. I received the Cadet in Caramel.

You can buy the Cadet dildo for $86 (~£63.50) from Good Vibrations (the pink version is available as a separate listing).

The Firm Core is just as enjoyable as I remember from my other Firm Core toys- the Cadet feels very penis-like in hand aside from a little stickiness, which you can remove by dusting it with cornstarch. When lubed up and using it for penetration, it feels remarkably like an actual penis.


I was hoping the Cadet would be a good g-spotter dildo, and the curve looked promising. However, while the head does hit my g-spot, it doesn’t really do much else with it. The head is softer than the firm core of the shaft, and I found it was too soft to apply hard enough pressure to my g-spot for satisfying g-spotting orgasms. That’s alright though, because I usually don’t use dildos alone, and generally prefer to use them in combination with external stimulation.

When using the Cadet vaginally, I can pick up some of the texture on the shaft. But only just. Generally it feels like a smooth shaft, although I can feel the texture of the head on my g-spot. It’s not uncomfortable, but my g-spot isn’t that sensitive and if yours is you might find it uncomfortable.

I definitely think the Cadet is more suited to anal, and it’s here where I found it more enjoyable. While I’m not immensely into g-spotting through vaginal penetration, I really like prostate stimulation through anal, and the Cadet works really well for this. The size also feels more satisfying in my ass than in my front hole.


There is a bullet included with the Cadet, but it’s not really my thing. It’s a watch battery bullet, and pretty buzzy, so I mostly used the Cadet with my We-Vibe Tango. I found dusting the bullet hole with cornstarch was the best way to make the bullet easily removable. As the Tango is a little longer than the hole, a bit always stuck out the end. This meant it wasn’t really possible to use the Tango and Cadet together for strap-on play, which I found mildly disappointing, but for solo use I didn’t really mind. And I think it also made it easier to remove the bullet, which is some kind of plus.

I do much prefer the Cadet over the Rookie when it comes to the bullet hole. Where the bullet hole meant that the Rookie was a little unstable when used without a bullet, the Cadet is thick enough that it’s still very usable as a dildo without an inserted bullet.

Some length of any dildo is lost when using it in a harness, but not too much of the Cadet is lost, both in terms of length and in terms of curve. The shaft curve makes it a little less balanced than it could be if it has a straight shaft, but overall it’s pretty balanced. It is a little heavier to one side, but not enough that the pull is noticeable in any one direction in a harness.


My only issue when it comes to using the Cadet for strap-on play is that when I use my favourite bullet- the WeVibe Tango- an end pokes out enough that I can’t wear it in a harness with the bullet in. This is something that I find with most dildos I have with bullet holes and the Tango though, simply because the Tango is longer than a lot of bullet vibrators.

I do generally like using the Cadet for strap-on play, even if I’m not able to really use it with a bullet. Not much length is lost when I use it in a harness, and it’s pretty balanced in terms of weight. The curve does mean the weight of the Cadet pulls a little, but in a well fitted harness I didn’t find it was noticeable. I did prefer the Cadet for pegging than for vaginal strap-on play. It’s definitely not a beginner’s pegging dildo though.

I did find the Cadet picked up a shit-ton of lint. This is something I’ve found with my other Firm Core toys, and I’m pretty sure it’s due to the softness of the outer layer of silicone. It’s nothing too annoying, and the lint is pretty easy to wash off before use. It’s only really annoying when it comes to photography.

Some partners I’ve tried the Cadet with found it really didn’t work well for them. Those who prefer g-spot stimulation found the head was too soft and pliable for any real g-spotting, and one found the head bashed against their cervix uncomfortably.

While I really enjoyed using the Cadet, I also can definitely see where it wouldn’t suit others. It’s a well made toy, but I think I hit on the head when I talked about it being in a sweet spot. It seems like its trying to hit the needs and desires of so many people, and almost hits all of them. But the almost is the important bit. If g-spotting is something you need in your dildo, or if you prefer textured dildos, I’d suggest giving the Cadet a miss. The Cadet is a good match for me, and it’s migrated to my bedside table permanently, but if anything I’ve said gives you pause, then I’d say that’s a sign to not get it. If you have the same needs and tastes and me though, it’s worth getting.

If you’d like to buy the Pleasure Works Cadet, you can buy it from Good Vibrations for $86 (~£63)

This toy was sent to me for free from Good Vibrations, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact my opinions. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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