Review: Mr Hankey’s Toys XS Centaur

The XS Centaur from Mr Hankey’s Toys is what I’m going to consider my first real foray into fantasy dildos (alongside the Beowulf, also from Mr Hankey’s Toys, which I’m reviewing soon). While I know a horse-inspired toy is not for everyone (and there’s no shame in that), but I personally wasn’t turned off by it.

Many of Mr Hankey’s Toys’ normal offerings are a little too large for me, despite my dreams of one day being size royalty, but some of their toys have recently been released in an Xtra-Small series. If you love the look of one of the normal sized toys but don’t think it’s the right size for you, definitely check to see if it’s available as an XS.

There is definitely a big difference in size between the XS and S sizes in most cases. The Small Centaur has a usable length of 9.75 inches, and a diameter between 1.7 and 2.7 inches. The Xtra-Small has an insertable length of 6.75 inches, and a diameter between 1.2 and 1.9 inches.

I asked to try the Centaur XS in medium firmness and in the colour black, but you can also buy all the XS series dildos in 75% firmness (which is slightly softer), and in other colours, including bubblegum pink, blood red, brown, and metallic green. I wouldn’t recommend getting the Centaur XS in 75% firmness- it still has some level of ‘floppyness’ at medium firmness, and I don’t think a softer silicone would be as enjoyable for anal, which is where I found most enjoyment using the Centaur.



Despite being a smaller size, the Centaur XS has no less detail than its full sized counterpart. The Centaur is a sculpted toy, and the artist spent a huge amount of attention on detail. The small features of the glans are incredibly well defined, and the shaft has both wonderfully delicate veins and a banding texture. There’s a defined preputial ring about two thirds of the way down the shaft, and after this texture that resembles folds of skin almost perfectly.

There’s a gentle downwards curve in the shaft, and the Centaur is both anal safe and harness compatible. The rounded base at the bottom has the domain name of Mr Hankey’s Toys’ website moulded into it-, where you can purchase the Centaur for $65.95.

In all honesty, the Centaur was quite uncomfortable when I used it vaginally. Normally I either thrust dildos, or leave them just in place while I stimulate my cock, but the Centaur really didn’t work for either of these. The shaft isn’t thick enough to be satisfying in my front hole, and the length and shape meant that it bashed my cervix uncomfortably. Leaving it in place left me wanting more, and thrusting it ended up hurting. I was actually pretty upset, because I wanted to love the Centaur.


And then I tried the Centaur anally.

In hindsight, I’m surprised it took me so long to try the Centaur anally. It seems perfectly suited to it. The thickness ‘tapers’, and while the tip is isn’t the thinnest it could be and doesn’t quite come to a true tapered point, it’s still pretty small. The shape and length of the Centaur are also both well suited to anal use. My butt can’t take as much as my front hole yet, and still needs a lot of warmup for anything much bigger than the Centaur, so where the size isn’t quite satisfying for my cunt, it’s perfect for my ass.

I also tried something with the Centaur that I’ve never tried ever before. Using a silicone lube with a silicone toy.

While silicone lubes can break down silicone toys, and I would not normally do this, Mr Hankey’s Toys suggest that a silicone lube can be used with their toys because of the type of silicone they use. I tried the Centaur with a silicone lube (Sliquid Silver), didn’t have any problems, and honestly benefitted from the properties of silicone lube when it came to anal play. However, not all toys and lubes are created equal (an explanation of why some silicone lube + toy combinations cause breakdown while others don’t can be found here), and I would recommend doing a patch test with your lube before using it on the whole of your toy.

While combining the silicone of the Centaur with silicone lube didn’t seem to cause any damage, I did generally end up using (unlubed) condoms over the Centaur, and then slathering lube over the top of the condom.

shaftcircle.pngBecause of the softness of the silicone, none of the details are uncomfortable in use. I was a little concerned about some of the detailing near the head, but they didn’t feel uncomfortable, just noticeable. Some of the more subtle detailing on the shaft, such as the veins, isn’t really noticeable in use. But the more defined details definitely are. I can feel the glans ‘pop’ into or out of my ass, and can definitely feel the change in girth when I reach the preputial ring.

I would really recommend the XS Centaur for anal, and especially for pegging/strap-on anal play. I was initially a little concerned about using it in a harness due to the combination of the squishyness of the silicone and the shaft curve.

My fears were unfounded though. The wide round base stabilises well and is actually genuinely comfortable. I’m used to toys with weirdly shaped bases, and didn’t quite grasp how uncomfortable they can be until I had something to compare them too.

I’ve only tried the XS Centaur in a harness for anal, so I can’t speak for the experience of using it for vaginal strap-on play. But for anal? It’s really good. The downwards curve of the shaft means it’s pretty good at prostate stimulation in doggy style. If anything I do wish the glans was a little firmer to make prostate stimulation more intense and easier, but achieving a prostate orgasm is still possible. Using it for anal is definitely more of a depth play experience than a prostate stimulation one though.


If you’re interested in a fantasy dildo for anal play, and aren’t yet size royalty, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the XS Centaur. I don’t think it’s the right toy for people looking for vaginal toys, although the Small might work- Joanne’s Reviews posted a glowing review of the Small Centaur after using it vaginally, which you can read here. I know a fantasy toy like this will be divisive, and some people will be turned off by the shape and form. But if it’s something you’re into, and you’re a fan of pegging or anal toys, I would really recommend the XS Centaur.

If you’d like to buy the XS Centaur you can buy it from Mr Hankey’s Toys for $65.95

This toy was sent to me for free from Mr. Hankey’s Toys, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were not used in this post.

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