Review: Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring

I hate Tracey Cox’s packaging.

ringbox1.pngI never normally talk about packaging, but in this case I feel I have to, because I fucking hate it. Really, really, really fucking hate it. The front of all the boxes I’ve seen displays a picture of a skinny white heterosexual couple, but without a pesky nipple or scrotum. The back is even worse, detailing all the fun ways a cisgender and heterosexual couple can enjoy the toys enclosed within.

And it is only cishet couples- he wears to during intercourse, the vibrations can be felt on her clit, he should grind his hips against hers. This description isn’t just because this product is a cock ring- these descriptions of how a cishet couple can have fun have been on every Tracey Cox product I’ve seen, including anal toys. Anal toys, which are compatible with literally every relationship and body on the planet.

It’s not tasteful, it’s not cute, it’s annoying and shitty.

I received the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring (I’m mostly just going to call it the Cox Ring) free with another order. It’s not a product I’d choose to buy or use myself. I’m not really interested in penis in vagina sex most of the time, and when I do I generally use a wand vibrator on my dick while I’m being penetrated. But I am interested in trying and reviewing toys in ways they were not intended to, especially if this means people know if a toy works for couples who aren’t cisgender heterosexuals. That’s why I reviewed the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples, and it’s why I will tentatively review the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring is a double silicone ring, with a rechargeable bullet vibrator. One ring is meant to be placed around the base of the shaft, with the other around the base of the balls, with the ‘pocket’ containing the bullet vibrator on the superior side of your shaft, so that it presses against the clitoris during missionary or ‘cowgirl’ sex (I did try flipping it over for doggy style, but this did not work). The side of the ‘pocket’ that is meant to press into the clit is lightly textured.

I didn’t use the Cox Ring for penis in vagina sex, but did use it for strap on play. I figured despite the atrociously cissexist and heterosexist marketing, I might as well try to get something out of it. So do consider I did not use this toy for its ‘intended’ use. However, given that vibrating cock rings generally can be used on dildos just as easily as they can be used on standard issue penises, I stand by my criticisms.

At full price, the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring is available for £34.99 from Lovehoney, which honestly is an absolute insult. Don’t do it.

There are a few positives I found with the Cox Ring. The rings themselves are pretty stretchy, and I’ve been able to fit them onto most sized dildos without any change in shape or tightness. I do really like the two ring shape- it keeps the bullet firmly in place, and also looks pretty sexy- it reminds me of some kind of bondage harness. The charge time to play time of the bullet is also actually pretty good- 25 minutes of charging has got me 45 minutes of play. The materials are body safe and non porous, and I always prefer rechargeable toys over batteries.


The rest of the Cox Ring though? Total disaster.

The bullet provided is really buzzy. Even on the highest speed, it barely transfers any vibration to the dildo I’m wearing. It’s very loud, so gives the idea that it might be powerful, but then just… isn’t.

At the right angle, I can press the Cox Ring against my partner’s clit/dick, but it has to be in a specific missionary position, and it’s nowhere near powerful enough to get them off. The charging port is also really weird. There’s a little loose ‘plug’ you have to pull up in order to plug the charger in, and this makes the bullet not waterproof, even if the packaging proudly claims it is.

I did have some success just removing the bullet from the sleeve, and using the cock ring with my We-Vibe Tango. That transferred vibrations to both a strap-on and a clit/dick pretty well, although I do find that the weird bobble texture on the pocket felt too harsh in combination with the Tango’s rumblyness. That said, it was an improvement on the original bullet, in that I was actually able to get off when using the Tango.

While I was able to sort of find a way to make the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring work for me, would I recommend it? Absolutely fucking not. The bullet in this ring absolutely did not work for me, and given that’s the only reason this product is £35 rather than the £19 of the nearly identical Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring for Couples (urg), there’s no reason to get it. But personally, I’ve no interest in giving my money to a company or range that doesn’t want to acknowledge that cisgender heterosexual people aren’t the only people who have sex, so I wouldn’t pay for the cheaper one, even with the intent of just putting my Tango into it.

If you’re offered the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring as a freebie? You might as well take it. Any other circumstances? Nah, fuck that.

This toy was sent to me as a freebie alongside a purchase of my own free will. I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links were not used in this post (in fact no links were, because you shouldn’t buy this toy.


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