Review: Mr Hankey’s Toys XS Beowulf

Alongside the XS Centaur, Mr Hankey’s Toys sent me the Beowulf from their new XS toy line. While Mr Hankey’s Toys do have a reputation as a manufacturer for size royalty, toys from the Xtra-Small series tend to come in more average sizes for non-fantasy toys. If you have your eye on a particular toy design, but don’t know if you can handle the full sizes, it’s worth seeing if it’s available as an XS. There definitely is a significant difference in sizes- the Small Beowulf has an insertable length of 9 inches, compared to the 6.5 inch insertable length of the XS Beowulf, for example.

The Beowulf dildo, despite its name, has nothing to do with the Old English heroic poem. It is, however, a werewolf dildo, which sort of explains the name, and makes it the perfect toy to review during the spooky Halloween season. I really like werewolves, and I know I made a big thing about liking vampires during last October, but both those things can be true at once. However, like with the XS Centaur that Mr Hankey’s Toys also sent me, I recognise that fantasy dildos are not for everyone. YKINMK.

The XS Beowulf has, as I said, a 6.5 inch insertable length, and a variable diameter. Near the head, the diameter is just under an inch, which tapers to 1.3 inches near the middle. At its widest, the shaft has a 1.7 inch diameter. Like the other toys in the XS series, the Beowulf is available for $65.95.

beowulf detail.png

I can definitely see the canine inspiration in the Beowulf. It’s uncircumcised, there’s a pointed flared head, there’s fur details on the base, and the shaft has a knot. (For those who don’t know, a ‘knot’ is a bulb of erectile tissue found on the shaft of some mammals, that swells and ‘locks’ the penis in place during penetration.)

There’s also some vein detailing on the distal shaft, predominantly and more noticeably on the superior aspect, but with some fainter detailing on the underside of the shaft. But the Beowulf is also imaginative with the idea of a werewolf dildo in a way I really like- it’s not just a straightforward canine inspired dildo.

knotI will confess I really like the design of the knot on the Beowulf. On other werewolf and werewolf-adjacent (not a word I ever thought I’d type, but life surprises us all) dildos I’ve seen, the knot has been depicted as a round bulging on the shaft, normally quite subtle. Here the knot bulging is elongated and oval shaped, and there’s four points of bulging rather than two.

It’s a little odd and alien looking, and I think this really works given the Beowulf is meant to be a dildo of a creature that doesn’t exist. The weirdly shaped, super muscular looking knot is cryptozoological in a way a rounder knot wouldn’t have been.

The Beowulf doesn’t have any testicles, but this does mean the base is perfectly round, which it likely wouldn’t have been if it did. This gives a lot more freedom in positioning it when wearing it in a harness- I don’t have to worry about the balls being uncomfortable for me if I wear this dildo with them pointing up.

I asked to try the XS Beowulf in 75% firmness, which is a little softer than the medium firmness the XS series is also offered in. My Beowulf is black, but you can also order a Beowulf in bubblegum pink, blood red, brown, or metallic green.


The shape of the Beowulf looks almost plug like, and it’s using it like a plug that I’ve found it works best. It doesn’t work well for thrusting, which is my normal way of using dildos in my cunt. The length before the knot isn’t enough for me- the knot is around halfway down the shaft, meaning without inserting it I have only about 3.5 inches of length to thrust with. Once the knot is inserted, the length is better for thrusting, but the plug itself is just a bit too wide for this to be as enjoyable as it is with other toys. The Beowulf really does feel like it’s locking inside me, like an actual knotted penis would.

While it’s not quite right for thrusting, the Beowulf is fantastic for plugging. Because the knot means it sits in my cunt quite stably, while also making me very aware of feeling full, I’ve really enjoyed using it like a pussy plug, using external stimulation on my dick.

Even though I don’t get much out of the shaft before the knot, the actual moment in which the knot pushes into me is fantastic. It feels like a very sudden ‘pop’, combined with the sensation of very suddenly feeling stretched out. When the Beowulf is removed, I also get a ‘pop’ when the knot comes out of me, similar to when I use dildos with very defined heads.

I also really like the ‘knot as plug’ element for anal. For anal, the pre-knot length also works better for me for thrusting, as I enjoy shorter lengths in my butt compared to my front hole. However, if you’re interested in the Beowulf primarily for anal, I would definitely recommend the medium firmness over the 75% firmness. At times my Beowulf felt a little too soft, especially when I was trying to get some prostate stimulation.

As well as using the Beowulf on myself, I’ve also enjoyed using it as a strap-on, particularly for pup play. While it’s definitely not an accurate representation of an irl canine penis, it’s visibly canine enough that it helps me get into the headspace for pup play (and, in all honesty, I don’t know if I’d be comfortable wearing a super accurate canine dildo). The Beowulf, my tail plug, and my favourite collar are a potent combo when it comes to getting into the right headspace for pup play. While I do either have to take the cock off or take my tail out if I’m bottoming, I will also have it known that it’s 2018, and we can accept that some pups are tops.


As I said earlier, the lack of balls and round base gives more freedom in positioning the Beowulf in a harness, I don’t have to worry about the balls causing discomfort. I definitely did have some issues using the Beowulf as a strap on though. The issues with thrusting are just as much an issue here as they are when I use the Beowulf solo. I do think a larger size would alleviate some of this, as it would give more pre-knot length to thrust with, but the XS doesn’t have quite enough. I also had some issues pulling out once I was in past the knot, because of the way it ‘locks’ into place.

Like with the Centaur, the fantasy aspect of this dildo may be either a selling point or a turn off, but if werewolves are something you’re into, or you like the idea of a canine dildo but aren’t sure about a more realistic canine toy, the Beowulf might suit your needs. If you’re primarily or exclusively interested in dildos for thrusting, I don’t think the Beowulf is the right toy for you, or at least not in the XS size. The knot prevents the kind of hard fast thrusting I’m into, and there’s just not enough length before this for me to get much out of thrusting, at least in the front hole. However, if your dildo play focuses more on feeling ‘full’, or if you like to play with plugs, I definitely think the Beowulf could work for you.

If you’d like to buy the XS Beowulf, you can buy it from Mr Hankey’s Toys for $65.95. The Beowulf is also available in sizes S-XL from $119.95.

This toy was sent to me from Mr. Hankey’s Toys, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were not used in this post.

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