Review: MEO Rush Time Lube

If I’m being honest, I don’t get why the Rush Time Lube from MEO is called Rush Time. I get that it’s a reference to the popular poppers brand, both in the name and the packaging, and that’s definitely something I’m into. I like poppers, and I generally use Rush above other brands. I also like the aesthetic of it, and I much prefer the bottle of the Rush Time lube over a hypothetical plain bottle. But I still don’t like… get it. Was it meant to compare the feeling of the warmth to the headrush you get from poppers? Was it meant to imply that it makes anal penetration easy in the way poppers do? Was it meant to imply this lube intensifies orgasms, like doing poppers right before orgasm can? I don’t get the concept here.

The MEO Rush Time Anal Sex Lube is a warming lube, and it’s my first experience of using a sensation lube. They’ve never been something I’ve had much interest in before, especially as my vaginal tissues have become more sensitive and easy to damage over the long time I’ve been on T, but as I enjoy anal play solo a lot more now, I wanted to try one.

Rush Time comes in a Rush inspired flip top bottle, containing 100ml of product. You can purchase a bottle of Rush Time Lube for £16.61 from

The ingredient list includes glycerine, propylenglycol, and phenoxyethanol

I did check the ingredient list, and would only recommend this lube for anal penetration, as it contains glycerine. This can cause yeast infections for people with vulvas, as it introduces sugar into the vagina. I’ve only tested it anally for this reason, especially since I’m prone to yeast infections (thanks testosterone!). Rush Time also contains propylenglycol and phenoxyethanol, substances which can cause irritation. If you know you’re on the sensitive side, I’d suggest giving this lube a miss. It’s colourless and odourless, but I really wouldn’t recommend putting it anywhere near your mouth, because it burns really intensely.

In terms of actual lubrication, Rush Time is well suited for anal penetration. It’s not like the gel consistencies I’m used to for anal (mostly Sliquid Sassy), but it still works very well. While it is a little on the runny side, a little lube goes a long way, and I found I didn’t need to reapply lube very often. It’s not sticky when it dries, and I didn’t get any stains on fabrics.

This lube is a little thinner than Sliquid Sassy, my go-to anal lube.

The actual compound responsible for the heat here is capsicum frutescens resin, a compound derived from chilli peppers. And it feels like it. If I’m being honest, for the first few times I used Rush Time I was not sure if I like warming lubes. Maybe it’s because I’d never used a warming lubricant before, but I remember thinking at one point that my asshole felt like the morning after a big pizza with a lot of jalapeños.

It’s definitely on the stingy side, and while I know I was lubricated enough for there not to be any friction, the heat made it feel like there was. Once I got over the initial panic, I did warm (ha) to the sensation. It’s very intense, and probably something I would save for D/S scenes, because of how intense it makes penetration feel. I did actually find it made my prostate more sensitive, but like with penetration, this was sensitivity as in ‘everything is almost too much’.

If you’re looking for an introduction to sensation lubes, MEO’s Rush Time Lube is not it. It’s very intense, in a way that I don’t think I was prepared for. But, after I found my feet, I found I liked Rush Time, at least in the context of sex where I want things to be intense. I would strongly discourage using it for vaginal penetration, using it at all if you have issues with sensitivities, and using it if you’re a newbie to sensation lubes. Learn from my mistakes. However, if you’re looking for a very extreme, punchy heat, specifically for anal sex, and don’t have issues with sensitivity, Rush Time is definitely worth trying.

If you’d like to buy a bottle of MEO Rush Time, you can buy a 100ml bottle from MEO for £16.61

This product was sent to me from MEO, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this product for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were used in this post.



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