Happy New Year! & 2018 Roundup

In terms of politics and general global life, 2018 was a hellish year. We had an Olympics at the start of this year, and that information made me gasp in horror when I realised. 2018 has basically been a thousand fucking years long.

But 2018 hasn’t been an absolute living hell, just mostly one. I feel like I’ve progressed a bunch as a blogger this year, and I wanted to do a wrap-up of what I’ve been up to this year. Alongside this, I’m very aware that I don’t bring my personal life onto this blog much, and while this is distance I still want to maintain, I felt like giving some kind of idea of what my life has been like outside and around blogging this year would be nice. So I’ve also written a bit about my transition and personal life in 2018!

Blogging Stuff

I got voted one of Kinky’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes, which is something I totally didn’t expect. I’m especially honored to have been voted onto two of their category lists- #7  in their list of LGBTQ bloggers, and #2 in their list of sex blogs for/by men, which was also super affirming, on top of being incredibly flattering! I also was listed as one of Molly’s Daily Kiss’ Top 100 Sex Blog 2018 list, at #32. I really didn’t expect to make it onto any of these lists, and I’m incredibly delighted and flattered to have done so.

In June I got to write a guest post for Erotica at Doxy! I’m very invested in normalising trans sexuality, and the fact that a large sex toy company like Doxy wanted to publish trans erotica written by a trans person was awesome! I’m used to an audience who I can tell characters are trans in post descriptions, or who assume that characters are trans because they read erotica on my blog, and working on a piece that I knew would be in a very different context, and having to juggle making it very explicit that the characters in it are trans, without making it A Thing, was a challenge (although a fun one!). You can read this Erotica at Doxy piece here.

I ran a giveaway for the first time! I’ve wanted to run a giveaway this whole year, and I did! My Hanukkah Giveaway was made possible by Uberrime and The Pleasure Garden, and it was a super fun experience. I’m super excited about doing more giveaways in the future

I started making more sex-ed content, instead of focusing only on reviews. While it’s still a minority of the content I make, it’s content I really enjoy making! I have no plans to stop writing reviews, but in 2019 I’d love to make more sex-ed content.

I got to work with some awesome companies this year! Some of my favorites include (but are absolutely not limited to): Geeky Sex Toys, The Pleasure Garden, Spectrum Boutique, Mr. Hankey’s Toys, and Uberrime

Transition Stuff

I actually took a break from making new content for a couple of months this year, because I was in surgery recovery. I had a non-SRS gender affirming surgery in March, and promptly went on a two month nap.

I have lots of trans anniversaries (trans-niversaries) this year! In August, I celebrated my four year anniversary of going on HRT, and on the 24th of December this year, I celebrated 7 years of being out as trans to my close family.

In less positive trans news, I was rejected for a Gender Recognition Certificate for the second time this year. While this doesn’t really affect my day-to-day life, as trans people in the UK have the right to choose single sex spaces that we wish to use regardless of if we have a GRC or not, it still sucks.

Personal Life

I got dumped this year. Twice, within a week of each other (#PolyamProblems). It was super tough, especially because at the time of the double dump I was working abroad, and being in a remote environment where I didn’t know many of my coworkers that well meant I didn’t have access to many of my normal coping mechanisms. But I made do, and after some time and space to ourselves, I’m on friendly and good terms with both exes. So that’s a happy outcome!

I took the plunge and decided I am exclusively interested in dating and sleeping with other trans people, rather than just having a preference. My dreams of being having all of the T4T casual sex didn’t quite come to fruition though, partly because stating I’m only interested in other trans people gets me more unwanted cis attention than before, and partly because I haven’t really done casual sexual since starting to date my current boyfriend.

I went on PrEP this year! I’ve actually come off it since, since (as I said) I’m not really having much casual sex at the moment, and my partner and I have a barriers rule when it comes to sex with other people. But I’m glad I went on it when I did, and I will sing the praises of PrEP to the high heavens.

I got a tattoo of the trans symbol (this one-⚧) on my ass cheek during pride month. I actually got a second trans related tattoo this year, but the second one is far more visible (it’s on my thigh), and is a custom design, so no pictures of that for identity reasons. But it’s cool af.