About Kelvin

Hi, I’m Kelvin! I’m a sex writer and blogger, with a focus on trans (especially transmasculine) experiences of sex and sexuality. I use he/him pronouns.

I’ve been a quiet reader in the sex blogging community for a good few years, but always found there was a large difference in my experiences of sex, and the experiences of sex that are most frequently talked about. At the time I created this blog, my experiences were ones I didn’t see reflected at all in the community. So I decided to make this blog.

The focus of this blog is a mixture of toy reviews, discussion of sex, and sexual education, but always with a focus on trans people and trans experiences.

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I’m an intersex, (mostly) binary trans man. I am bisexual (no gender preferences), and exclusively date and have sex with other transgender people. I am still attracted to cisgender people, but I have no interest in relationships with cisgender people. I don’t have a preference between monogamy and non-monogamy. Currently I am in a number of casual sexual relationships, and in no romantic relationships.

I don’t wish to disclose my intersex condition, but it does mean I have a underdeveloped but present prostate. I can engage in prostate play anally, or sometimes through front hole penetration.

My dysphoria varies from moderate to severe day to day. I don’t refer to myself as having a clitoris, and use the words cock or dick instead. I refer to my vagina as either a front hole or a cunt. I have been on hormone replacement therapy for quite a few years and have had top surgery. I currently have not had bottom surgery, although I am very interested in phalloplasty in the future.

I’m very versatile in terms of sexual preference. I enjoy bottoming and topping, as well as being dominant and submissive in equal measure.