Body Info

I don’t wish to disclose my intersex condition, but it does mean I have a underdeveloped but present prostate. I can engage in prostate play anally, or sometimes through vaginal penetration.

My dysphoria varies from moderate to severe day to day. I don’t refer to myself as having a clitoris, and use the words cock, dick, or penis instead. I refer to my vagina as either a front hole or a cunt.

I have been on T for several years, and have experienced moderate growth. When I last measured myself hard, my cock was 2 inches in length.

I currently have not had bottom surgery, although I am currently on the waiting list to have a modified metoidioplasty. I want to have a clitoral release, but not urethral hookup, vaginectomy, or scrotoplasty. What this means is that I will have a small penis, but no testicles, and I will keep my vagina. I will be able to have erections without the need for assistance or an implant. The date for this surgery will be no earlier than summer 2019.