The primary focus of the reviews on this blog is on sex toys and gender expression items. However, I am open to reviewing other types of products (erotica books, porn, lubricants, fetish wear etc).

I do not review any sex toys that are made with materials that are not body safe. This includes porous materials for internal toys. I do not review any products from retailers who are based on Amazon, eBay or similar websites. I will only review lubricants that are glycerin and paraben free. I reserve the right to not complete a review if I have concerns about the safety of the materials after receiving the product.

My reviews are of my own honest opinion and sending a product for free does not guarantee a positive review. The words of my review and the sentiments expressed are not controlled by you. I will not remove my review or change my wording at the request of any company.

Products that are sent without consulting me first will not be guaranteed a review. I reserve the right to not review a product I did not agree to review.

Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts

Sponsored blog posts will be written by me, and will be disclosed as paid posts at the bottom of the article. My rate is £30 per 1000 words. Once payment is confirmed I will begin writing and will send you a draft prior to posting, which you are entitled to request small edits of.

I make no promises on click-through rates or conversions. All payments are final. All paid links will be nofollow as per Google’s guidelines.

I do not accept guest posts.

Morals Clause

I reserve the right to refuse product reviews, affiliation or sponsorship from your brand on the basis of behavior or practices I deem to be sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or anything other oppressive in nature.