I’m an affiliate for several sex toy retailers and manufacturers. What this means is that they provide me with graphics or links, which I then display on my site. When somebody clicks through these ads and buys something, I get awarded commission. This does not increase the price you pay, so is a way to support me if you like my work.

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LoveHoney are are a British sex toy retailer, and has expanded to Australian and American operations. They’re one of the biggest sex toy retailers around, and while they do have some body unsafe or porous toys, their accessibility is part of why I’ve affiliated with them. With the banner above, you can get 10% off your first Lovehoney order.

Lovehoney ship internationally

Tantus produce a variety of high quality body-safe silicone toys, including dildos, plugs, Feeldoes/Realdoes and paddles. Shipping can be quite high internationally, so I would recommend buying in bulk, but they almost always have some kind of sale or discount on.

Tantus ship internationally

Sh! Women’s Store is a female focused sex shop in London. They sell body-safe toys, and produce their own range. They’re trans friendly, have a lovely store atmosphere (I recommend visiting if you’re in the area), and also run classes and events

Vibrant are an all body safe, gender neutral sex toy retailer. They’re exceptionally trans friendly, have great customer service, and support the services of Planned Parenthood.

Vibrant ship internationally


Uberkinky are a UK retailer that focus on (as you might have guessed) BDSM and Kink items. They also have a decent packer selection, and sell more standard sex toys as well. Not all their items are body safe, however.

Uberkinky ship internationally.

Summer Sale - 15% off select We-Vibe Products!

We -Vibe are a Canadian company who produce vibrators for both solo and couple use, including app controlled products. They use body safe materials, and have carbon neutral operations

We-Vibe distribute internationally. See their website to find a retailer near you

Split Peaches make fun toys in fun shapes and colours. All their toys are made from body safe silicone, and their shipping is discreet.

Split Peaches ship internationally