Review: Kudu Voodoo Mixed Clutch

Oviposition is one of the odder fetishes I have, and one that a few companies and artists cater to. Kudu Voodoo stands out among them for having very different styles of eggs, catering to people who fancy something other than a standard egg shape.

I ordered a custom set of three eggs, one in each of the styles that Kudu Voodoo offered at the time. (Recently, Kudu Voodoo has a new style of egg- The Bat.) One was the Beast Seed- inspired by plant forms- the second the Alligator Egg- a standard egg shape but very textured- and the third is the Many Eyed Creature- a more subtly textured eldritch horror-esque egg. Their sizes are the same- a circumference of 4 ½ inches and a length of 2 inches. The eggs are not anal safe, as they do not have a retrieval cord.

Left to right: Alligator Egg, Beast Seed, Many Eyed Creature

The eggs are silicone, and Ashes offers options for one, two or three colours, with a split or marble option for multiple colours. Glitter is an optional addition, and is free of charge. I was unsure of a colour scheme I wanted for all three styles, so in the end opted to go for plain black with green glitter. While I like the colour scheme, the green glitter is more subtle than I would like, and I’d have picked a different colour (or colours- I’m very tempted to get another set with a marble). However, this is no fault of Ashes, as this was the colour I requested.

Choosing a clutch of three different egg forms was the right decision for me. I can only fit one or two eggs in me at once safely. When I have tried three eggs at once, the third pushed the others too far back for me to be able to push them out purely through muscle strength- I ended up having to fish them out by hand. Having a set with repeated shapes would have been a waste for me personally.


The reason I enjoy using these toys, aside from the fantasy aspect, is that pushing them out creates the kind of ‘pop’ sensation I really enjoy when, for example, I push the head of a dildo in or out of my vagina. I can’t get off on this, but in combination with some kind of sensation- such as using my Doxy Wand on my cock- the results are amazing. Pushing an egg out right as I orgasm from dick stimulation is my favourite experience I’ve had with this toy.

While the silicone I chose is very soft, there are various options for silicone hardness. I assume that harder silicone would mean the texture would be noticable in use, but even at extra soft the texture of the eggs did have a significant impact on my experience of using them. The Many Eyed Creature is probably my favourite- it’s a good compromise between the intensities of the other two. While I love the concept of the Beast Seed, I don’t notice the texture while in use, and the Alligator Egg’s texture can be too much at times. That said, I don’t use the Many Eyed Creature for its texture- the texture adds to the experience but it isn’t the focus point. When I’m feeling like a texture slut, it’s the Alligator Egg I reach for.

I personally don’t care about kegel exercises at all, but I attempted them for the sake of this review. I found that the extra-soft silicone was too soft for this purpose, so if this is something you want to use the eggs for, I’d suggest trying out a harder silicone. Kudu Voodoo does explain how hard the different firmnesses are pretty well, but also has a silicone firmness sample set if you’d like to be totally sure what you’re getting.

I’ve also used the eggs for frottage. Rubbing them against my cock can be enough to get me off, although this was the case with the Alligator Egg far more than the other two shapes. I found that the Many Eyed Creature was the least good for this. While it has more texture overall than the Beast Seed, its texture doesn’t mesh with my anatomy as well- the Beast Seed has dips and texture that ‘slot’ with my genitals better.

I’d recommend Kudu Voodoo’s eggs for those looking for more textures oviposition fantasy toys, or for those whose oviposition fantasies are more catered to with these forms than plain egg shapes. For people who have smaller cocks/clits than the average dyadic cis man (I cannot think of a way to word this that isn’t non-inclusive or awkward, sorry), and are into cock stimulation, the Alligator Egg has value as a frottage toy. Overall, they’re a versatile set of toys, and I would recommend them if you’re interested in any one or multiple potential uses of them.

These toys were purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links were not used in this post.

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