Review: Micro Rei

The micro version of Phoenixflame Forge’s Rei the Dragon is designed for people with smaller anatomies than average. This includes- but is not limited to- AFAB people who haven’t taken testosterone, AFAB people who have taken testosterone, AFAB people who’ve had meta, and even cis men who are on the extreme small end of the penis size spectrum.

I like putting my dick in things and I like dragons, so I had to buy it.

The Rei that I received is a gorgeous coppery/bronze colour, with a marble of black mixed into it. The toy is made from ultra-soft medical grade silicone, and has a total length of 3 inches. The penetrable passage is around 1.5 inches deep, and has a varying width, with the entrance having a width of about half an inch.


The design is super detailed, with wonderfully sculpted scale and teeth. I did find a few tiny rough edges- the result of the 3D printing process- but this does not affect the use at all, and isn’t really visible unless looking up close.

The attention to details also continues inside the channel. The tongue continues into the mouth, and the ridges on the roof of Rei’s mouth are also present. The texture was a little subtle in use, and I think it could use some exaggeration. When it came down to it, it was the suction of the Rei that got me off, not the texture.

I can’t fit my entire dick into the sleeve, just the head. While this is fine for getting off, and the suction it provides is excellent, I do prefer penetrating with my entire dick. However, this isn’t a fault with the toy, but simply a problem of anatomical compatibility. I still enjoyed using the toy, and having the suction just around the head was perfectly fine in terms of getting me off.

It is worth noting that the toy I received was a prototype, and that there are changes in the newer models. For example, the channel is longer in the newer models, meaning you can potentially get stronger suction. Or, as was suggested to me when discussing the differences between the models, extend the channel to the back and use it as a vibe sleeve. You can’t get one with the shorter channel any more because, uh, I bought the last one. Sorry.

I do feel like having a closed top improved my experience of this toy, as in combination with a push-pull motion this created the sucking sensation that I really enjoyed. So I’m unsure how I feel about having the longer channel. I would have liked to try out the 2.0 prototype, but didn’t manage to get my hands on one.

At this point I would normally suggest who I think the Rei would be of interest to, but I feel like making that kind of conclusion would be moot here. The Micro Rei is subject to change, is not currently available, and has already changed form in some respects since I purchased mine. However, I still wanted to write and publish this review, in part to give feedback about the design, but also to suggest those interested in a toy like this keep their eyes on Phoenixflame Forge. Not only for the next version of Rei, but also because in a conversation in which I checked the toy was intended for anatomies like mine, the owner mentioned having several different toy concepts in mind. I’m super excited to see what toys might come out of this, and if toys developed for ‘non-standard’ and very diverse anatomies interests you, I’d suggest keeping an eye on how this develops.

This toy was purchased of my own free will, and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review.

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