Review: Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Just over a year ago, I published my first review on this blog. And it was of the Satisfyer Pro 2. I was (and still am) really into the idea of the air pressure technology (even if it is probably definitely copied from Womanizer), and when I was sent a Satisfyer Pro Traveler to test and review, I was super excited to try another Satisfyer product.

While the technology of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is essentially the same as all other Satisfyer products, it has a pretty different shape to the other Satisfyer products I’ve tried or seen. Instead of having a long handle, with the nozzle at the end, the Traveler is a sort of clamshell. The lid locks on magnetically. This means that, despite not having a travel lock, the Traveler’s buttons are inaccessible enough that it can’t be turned on at all when the lid is on.

Lacking a long handle also means that the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is one of the most petite of all Satisfyer products released so far. It’s also one of the cheapest- only the Satisfyer 1 and 2 are cheaper than the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, which you can buy for £44.95 from the Satisfyer website (or for $49.95 if you’re based in the US).


The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a sort of aubergine purple, with metallic accents. The external case is made of ABS plastic, while the internal part of the Traveler is made of silicone. It comes in packaging I actually think is pretty cute. While I don’t generally like any sex toy company declaring their products a ‘revolution’, as I think this is often an empty promise, and I threw away the cardboard box my Satisfyer Pro Traveler came in, I do like the image on the box. There’s definitely a more gendered feel to this packaging than to the other Satisfyer products I own (aside from the Satisfyer Pro Men), but the word ‘woman’ is never explicitly said, if that’s something that would trigger your dysphoria.

The charger for the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a magnetic clip, and the actual charging cable is the same as the other Satisfyer product I’ve tried (the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples, Satisfyer G-Spot Rabbit, and Satisfyer Pro 2). If you have any other Satisfyer products, you can consider the charging cable that comes with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler as a spare! This magnetic charging system also makes the Satisfyer Pro Traveler waterproof, and so suitable for shower use.

I was actually recovering from surgery when the Satisfyer Pro Traveler arrived, and it was honestly a godsend. I think all my orgasms for a good few weeks came from this toy. The point I made in my review of the Satisfyer Pro 2- that orgasms are given, not had- still stands, but that was exactly what I needed during this time period. Something small, quiet and discreet enough that it wouldn’t bother my carer, but that gave me fuss free orgasms.

I’ve also used the Satisfyer Pro Traveler during actual travelling. I worked abroad for a few months, and while I did fit a few more toys in my bag to take with me, I figured it’d be a good time to test getting the Traveler through airport security.


If you’re flying in or out of the UK, please do be aware that electronic devices in carry-on baggage that do not turn on at the security gate will not be allowed on the aircraft. I specify this because a lot of advice given about travelling with sex toys is not UK specific, and blogs and articles often advise to drain the batteries of rechargeable toys before taking them on board. These articles are often written by those in the USA, where this advice is applicable. Do not do this if you’re travelling to or out of the UK. In fact, I’d suggest you do the opposite- charge your toys the night before you leave. Electronics that do not turn on when examined are considered suspicious by UK airport security.


I don’t think I can really review the Satisfyer Pro Traveler without ending up just comparing it to the Satisfyer Pro 2, so I’m going to give up and just make comparisons with that. The sensation is pretty much the same. It’s not like oral sex, no matter how much Satisfyer sell it on the claim it feels like oral sex. It feels more like a tapping or tugging. I tested the two side by side, and couldn’t feel any difference in terms of intensity. The only real differences between the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro Traveler come in the form.

While the nozzles on these two Satisfyer models are technically the same size, I found that the thicker and removable silicone nozzle of the Satisfyer Pro 2 to be harder to fit into. While I don’t think this will be a problem for anyone who is non/pre-HRT, if you’ve been on testosterone and experienced any growth of your clit/dick, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler might work better for you.

While it’s definitely more convenient for travel, and is the cheaper of the two models, but there definitely are some downsides to the shape of the Traveler. Because it lacks a handle, the Traveler may not work for those with large bodies or mobility issues. Additionally, as the nozzle is not removable on the Traveler model, this may be an issue if you share your toy with somebody you are not fluid bonded with. While the Traveler can be sanitised, as the part that comes into contact with genitalia is made of silicone (a non-porous material), this would have to be with a wipe down bleach solution. It’s just a little less convenient than the Pro 2, which you can just buy a second nozzle for.


Overall, I think the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a solid addition to the Satisfyer product line. But I genuinely think choosing between the Satisfyer Pro 2 and Pro Traveler comes down to personal preferences and needs. Do you need a toy with a handle? Are you on HRT and had significant growth? Is money an issue for you? Do you just prefer the look of one over the other? If you specifically want a toy you can buy multiple nozzles for, or need a long handle for mobility reasons, get the Satisfyer Pro 2. If you want a Satisfyer toy you can travel with easily, if you’re on T and had significant growth, or you just want to try air pressure toys at a slightly lower price point, get the Traveler.

If you’d like to buy the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, you can buy it from Satisfyer for £44.95.

This toy was sent to me for free from Satisfyer, in return for a fair and impartial review. The fact I received this toy for free does not impact the opinions I have expressed. Affiliate links were not used in this post.

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