Review: Split Peaches Unicorn Horn

This dildo is the gayest thing I own and I love it


Split Peaches is a US based company who make high quality platinum silicone dildos. Despite being based in the US, their shipping to the UK (where I am) was super fast, and took just under a week after I ordered.

The Unicorn Horn comes in several sizes, but the one I own is small. This size has an insertable length of 6 inches, with a diameter of just over 1.5 inches at its thickest, with the rest of the shaft tapering down to this. There are several colours available- from pearlescent white and metallic blue and purple, all the way to pastel rainbows and the wonderfully named ‘bumpkin spice’– but I chose the rainbow colour, mostly because topping a guy with a rainbow unicorn horn dildo is the gayest and queerest thing I could possibly think of, and I wanted to experience that. The small unicorn horns are $38-43, depending on your colour choice. I picked rainbow because I can be sold things based purely on aesthetics, and this colour choice costs $43.


The unicorn horn came in very simple packaging- just a plastic bag with the Split Peaches logo on it, a ‘Made in USA’ sticker, and a little sticker with information on ‘Caring for your Peach Splitter’. While some people might feel disappointed at the simplicity of this packaging, I actually prefer it. Excessive packaging (like the hard plastic cylinder SP used to have) seems wasteful. My parcel also contained a little purple envelope, with my order details, details on who packaged and sent out my order, and a few little goodies, including a Split Peaches keyring, some Split Peaches stickers, and a few temporary tattoos of the Split Peaches logo. I wasn’t expecting the little collection of goodies, and thought it was a lovely touch.

The silicone is firm, but flexible. It doesn’t have much give when squeezed, but it can be bent pretty easily. It has a pretty wide base, making it harness compatible and anal safe, and the silicone has a glossy finish. It’s still a lint magnet though, so be prepared to get out your dildo cleaning toothbrush.

There’s no curve to the Unicorn Horn, meaning I don’t get any prostate stimulation in either hole, but honestly I actually like this about it. Hard thrusting alongside external cock stimulation is what I like when using dildos. The shape and size of the small Unicorn Horn also means I don’t bash my cervix at all, and I can thrust very roughly and quickly in ways I can’t with some other dildos.


The swirled shaft is really aesthetically pleasing, but I don’t really feel them when I use the Unicorn Horn in my front hole. The texture is good for frottage/grinding/teasing though- I especially liked teasing the edges of my holes with the tip, and then with the shaft.

I do feel like the Unicorn Horn is primarily suited to being an anal toy, and I can actually feel the swirl of the shaft when using it in this way. The tapered shape of the Unicorn Horn makes insertion really easy, and the more rounded tip means that (even if it doesn’t quite go where it’s meant to), it’s not uncomfortable and pokey. I think this is what would make it a super good beginners’ anal toy- it’s large enough that it might require some stretching beforehand for people who are new to anal, but not so large that it’s hard to take. I don’t actually need to stretch out before using the Unicorn Horn anally (although I did most of the time simply because I enjoy playing with my butt), and it was super easy to slide into my ass. Again, I didn’t get any prostate stimulation, but that didn’t feel like the point.


I did like using the Unicorn Horn as a strap-on toy. Not only because I like to have ridiculous queer sex (although that is part of why I enjoy topping other men with it so much), but because it’s a really well balanced dildo for harness use. The weight of it doesn’t pull my harness any particular way, and I don’t have to remain 100% conscious of my movements all the time, like I sometimes have to for heavier or less balanced dildos. The straight shaft does mean that my partners don’t get g-spot or prostate stimulation when I top them, but it also makes thrusting into them hard and fast much easier. And sometimes that’s just my topping style, especially when I’m feeling more dominant.

Using the Unicorn Horn to top is where I realised I also really like the rainbow colour for blowjob purposes, both giving and receiving. When I’m wearing the dildo, I like to get my partners to see how many colours they can take, or tell them to take down to a specific colour. Similarly, when using the Unicorn Horn solo, I like to see how many colours I can take. I feel like this use would be better suited to the larger sizes (which have insertable lengths of 8 and 11 inches), as they provide more of a challenge, but it’s still super fun on the small size.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of the Split Peaches Unicorn Dildo, but I will admit this is because of my personal preferences, and current anatomical issues. For those who need g-spot or prostate stimulation, it’s not the ideal dildo, and I’d suggest getting something with more of a curve instead. Additionally, texture fans may not find the swirl to be a little too mild for their tastes. However, for me it’s almost the ideal dildo. I love it for both solo and partnered play, and it would absolutely make it onto my desert island toy list.

You can buy the Split Peaches Unicorn Horn directly from Split Peaches from $38

This toy was purchased of my own free will (although at a discounted price), and I was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy in return for a review. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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